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Take This "Fast Ball" Challenge and Triple Your Money in Eight Days

Those of you who have been with me for a while know I'm an options guy.

Now, Wall Street will tell you options are high-risk trading vehicles that aren't worth your time. But that couldn't be further from the truth…

See, options were originally created as a way to reduce risk. And even the most basic trading techniques will increase your returns over stock trading.

But options aren't just lower-risk and higher-reward. In fact, my favorite part of trading options is the sheer speed at which you see a return.

You can kiss Wall Street's outdated buy-and-hold method goodbye. The days of waiting years to see an investment turn a profit big enough to make you sell are over.

Because today, I'm dropping an exclusive challenge for the first time ever. If you accept it, you could achieve an entirely new level of trading success and rake in some of the fastest cash you've ever seen.

To accept this challenge and take the first step into trading expertise, just keep reading, and I'll show you how… Full Story

To accept this challenge and take the first step into trading expertise, just keep reading, and I'll show you how... Full Story


The 3 Top IPOs to Watch in 2020

It’s likely to be a blowout year for initial public offerings.

In fact, many observers think 2020 could be the largest IPO year yet, with some places like CB Insights saying there are 402 unicorns worth $1.3 trillion in total potentially going public in 2020.

That’s why Money Morning is bringing you the three top IPOs to watch in 2020.


Wall Street

How to Avoid Wall Street's Latest Attack on Your Wallet

On the surface, it seems great that Wall Street is finally paying real attention to average investors.

For years, it was a poorly kept secret that big firms, like Goldman Sachs Group (NYSE: GS), focused their efforts on catering to the rich.

After all, a commission or advisory fee on a $100,000 portfolio is peanuts compared to that of a $100 million portfolio.

But now, Wall Street is starting to like those peanuts.

Here’s why investors should be skeptical of Wall Street’s generosity…

Dow Jones

Why the Dow Jones Today Is Falling Despite a $30 Billion Sales Day for Alibaba

The Dow Jones today is heading for a rough open, with Dow futures down over 100 points this morning.

President Trump thwarted investor optimism on Friday when he said the U.S. wasn't ready to sign a trade deal with China.

Wall Street is anxious to see more specifics on the pending trade deal with China today.

But that's not all that will impact the Dow Jones on Monday.


Grab Big Gains on Great Stocks for Pennies on the Dollar

Today, I want to dig into a unique trading strategy I recommend for my paid subscribers from time to time.

It's a move that allows you to lower your risk and cost – always something to shoot for – and still take those same massive profits we're always looking to grab.

It's called a "butterfly spread" trade, and it's perfect to use when the markets are experiencing high volatility like they are now.

Now, I can hear what you're thinking: "High volatility?! Tom, the S&P 500 is at record highs right now." But always remember, volatility is up and down movement; just because we're at record highs doesn't mean there's no volatility – we're just going through upside volatility.

Volatility of any kind can lead to an increase in option prices, which could make it tough to stick to one of my most important trading rules: I only enter trades that are $500 or less.

The butterfly spread works a lot like some other trades we've talked about before, but it has some unique benefits I want to tell you about...

Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Is Tethered by a Proxy Attack on a Saudi Oil Field

Expect to hear the term "Black Swan" or "Grey Swan" a lot on Monday.

That's because something happened that everyone in the world should have seen coming, and it's going to have a significant impact on the geopolitical map in the Middle East.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average will slide today after the largest single-day crude price uptick in almost four years.

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