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Here's Why Shareholders Will Hate Comcast Forever

Comcast Corp. just performed its biggest blunder yet.

And fortunately enough, Comcast's stupidity is fueling a 188% profit opportunity in another stock that we'll show you in just a bit.

On August 19 (Monday), 181 of the nation's top companies released a joint pledge to serve all "stakeholders," expanding the scope of corporate responsibility from what was previously just "shareholders."

Many wondered if this was merely a political move…well, it was for Comcast.



Should I Buy Endeavor Stock?

On May 23, UFC and Miss Universe owner Endeavor Group Holdings Inc. (NYSE: EDR), filed with the SEC for its IPO. That has investors wondering if they should buy Endeavor stock. Endeavor stock has Wall Street hyped up. That's because Endeavor is the biggest talent agency in Hollywood. While it sounds tempting to buy Endeavor […]


Dow Jones Today

How New Trade Drama Will Keep the Dow Jones Industrial Average Flat Today

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has the opportunity to soar on another round of solid earnings reports, but new trade tensions with the European Union may hold it back.

President Donald Trump has vowed to reciprocate against EU tariffs hurting U.S. firms like Harley Davidson (NYSE: HOG).

This comes as yet another threat of a trade war with the world's largest economic bloc.