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Trading Strategies

The Easiest Way to Capture Your Share of Trillions in Global Wealth

It's a story I hear all the time in my capacity as Chief Investment Strategist: Many investors look at convoluted, confusing "2D" stock charts, or read or listen to analysts and talking heads nattering on about "beta," "moving averages," or "P/E ratios," and think to themselves, "This investing thing is waaaaay too complicated for me."

I think that's tragic, and I've devoted my life to helping regular folks overcome that fear – a fear Wall Street's gone to considerable trouble to spread, I might add – and build the kind of lasting wealth they deserve.

Because the simple fact is you don't need ANY of that "stuff" to start pulling in the profits, week after week, in good times and bad.

You won't hear about this on the news or from your broker. It doesn't involve complicated moves or require you to put a boatload of money at risk.

You simply have to buy the right stocks at the right time.

"Well, duh…" I can hear you saying, "… but how do I do that?!"

It's far more straightforward than you might think...