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I Found Four Big Investing Ideas (and a Lot More) on a 900-Mile Motorcycle Run

You know, I've been motorcycling for as long as I can remember.

Not only is doing so a great way to see the world, but I don't think there's a better way to discover the world's best profit plays and biggest opportunities. That's why I'm keen to "get out of my garage" and hit the road every chance I get.

Last week, my bride – that's what I call Noriko, my wife of 24 years – and I took off along the coastal roads in Washington and Oregon.

Past trips have been south of the border… in Europe… Japan… even in mainland China. But the past week was all about getting into America's backroads and the small coastal towns that dot our landscape.

My goal was twofold…

First, I wanted to see if the cultural values that make our nation so great are still there, and rediscover how life outside the media-driven big cities works.

And second, my wife and I wanted to relax away from the crush of the big cities that increasingly dominate our lives.

We succeeded wildly on both counts!

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Trading Strategies

The Financial Media Looks Like Stalin-Era Soviet Propaganda

A recent article in Bloomberg titled "Why the Worst May Already be Over for the Global Economy" had our Matt Piepenburg very concerned.

Not only is the headline misleading, but the entire article attempts to dangerously mask a broken economy and hand out false hope through lies of omission and misleading propaganda.

But not on Matt's watch.

Let me show you what's really happening here...

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Dow Jones Industrial Average Opens Lower Today as Earnings Season Heats Up

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was off 93 points in premarket hours as investors weigh a busy slate of earnings reports and raise new questions about trade discussions by China and the United States.

Markets have largely ignored the U.S. government shutdown and new concerns about the state of Britain's departure from the European Union. Expect investor focus to remain on earnings season.

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