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Our Proven Method Uncovers the Best Stocks to Buy, Like This 400% Gainer

For years, Wall Street has told the average investors that it's impossible for them to pick the best investments.

However, picking the best stocks isn't nearly as hard as Wall Street wants you to think it is.

Money Morning Executive Editor Bill Patalon points out Wall Street's ruse is a convenient lie used to line its pockets.

"This bit of 'wisdom' is one of the biggest lies the professional-investing crowd has foisted off on Main Street investors," he says. And he should know.

Bill has spent more than 34 years uncovering the inner workings of the financial world as an investigative researcher, stock analyst, and trader.

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Moves to Lock In Gains as U.S.-Chinese Relations Continue to Thaw

The Dow Jones today moved higher in premarket trading as markets continued to react to news that the White House may be rolling back retaliatory trade measures against China in an effort to smooth trade negotiations.

Yesterday, the Dow rose nearly 300 points after the Trump Administration announced it would delay the imposition of tariffs on the nation’s largest trading partner.


A Peek Behind the Scenes at Our Latest Pro Win

Today, I'm giving you a special look at one of our recent wins in 10-Minute Millionaire Pro. Our strategy seemed a bit counterintuitive – we bought Micron Technology Inc., a stock that had already had a strong run up and was moving sideways. But there's a very good reason that we buy strong stocks during pullbacks – and I show you why in this video.

My 10-Minute Millionaire Pro subscribers made 40% or more on this trade. (Testimonials are still rolling in!) In the immortal words of Hannibal Smith from "The A-Team," "I love it when a plan comes together."

Let me show you exactly how we won...


One of Our Apple Supplier Stocks Is Up 55% - Here Are Two More Picks

Of the seven Apple supplier stocks we recommended in December, six are in positive territory – and one is up 55%.

We realized four months ago that the excitement over the upcoming iPhone 8 would start to affect not just Apple stock, but the stocks of Apple's suppliers.

And that's just what's happened. Now we're looking at two more Apple supplier stocks that stand to rack up big gains in the months ahead.

One is a "safe" bet and the other is a moonshot...