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The Fed

What Every Investor Needs to Know Between Now and 2017

As expected, the U.S. Federal Reserve policymakers at this week's FOMC meeting voted to keep interest rates unchanged. Central bank rate policies and next week's U.S. presidential election are the two biggest influences on U.S. stock prices right now.

Well, the FOMC held the line on rates this week, but they're widely expected to boost borrowing costs in December – thanks to indications the long-moribund U.S. economy is finally accelerating. Indeed, Fed Chair Janet C. Yellen said back in September that strength in the job ranks and a healthy surge in inflation would give policymakers the confidence to raise rates.

This is a time when investors need nothing so much as a roadmap to where the market's going to actually go in the next weeks and months. Clarity, in other words… and there's precious little of that to be had from the traditional financial media.

But of course, they don't have D.R. Barton, Jr. - a 26-year market veteran and pro trader - on their speed dials like I do...