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Nvidia Stock Forecast 2025: Shares Could Jump 190% Higher

If Nvidia were just a semiconductor manufacturer, the stock would be overpriced.

Fortunately for investors, they are much more than a semiconductor company.

That's why our Nvidia stock forecast shows shares nearly tripling from here.

They're a growing tech company that could one day rival tech giants like Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN), Apple (Nasdaq: APPL), Alphabet (Nasdaq; GOOGL) and Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT).

And that growth could see Nvidia stock jump 190% higher by 2025.



Buy the $20 EV Stock with Triple-Digit Earnings Growth

The U.N.

Secretary-General called the latest IPCC climate report a “code red for humanity.” Big changes are needed if we’re to stave off disaster, but there’s incredible economic opportunity in making those changes.

This one EV stock, for instance, already boasts 25% profit margins and triple-digit earnings growth, and climate change mitigation means there’s much more ahead…



Why Nio Stock Is a Buy Now More Than Ever

Emissions standards will tighten up significantly over the next decade.

Countries and corporations everywhere want to push for lower carbon emissions – well, some, anyway.

Volkwagen, BMW, Audi and Porshe recently came under fire from the European Union for colluding to avoid adopting technology to meet the EU's new emissions standards.

Now that the EU has fined them for a combined $1 billion, they'll come around.

Regardless of how much EV stocks may have dipped in the last year, they still have their biggest growth ahead of them.

Let's talk about why Nio stock is the cream of the crop right now.