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How to Parlay This 103% Sports-Betting Winner into Even More Profits

Back on June 21, I wrote to let you in on a fast-moving, high-profit stock – Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment.

Folks who got the recommendation and bought in have had the chance to pocket more than 103% in gains over that time frame. That's likely just the start, given what's coming.

Now, the profits don't stem from a blazing-fast new microprocessor, destined for billions of smartphones. Dover hasn't cornered the market on e-commerce to give Amazon.com a run for its money. Nor has it inspired the Pentagon to fork over truckloads of money on some high-tech killer weapon.

No, Dover is riding high because of… gambling, pure and simple.

Recent changes to federal law have opened the floodgates on a sector where growth has previously been, for most intents and purposes, hemmed in.

Much like recent changes in state and local marijuana laws, gambling has sparked a modern-day "gold rush" of sorts, and there's no putting it back in the box.

Today, to build on our success with Dover, I'm going to recommend a play few other industry analysts are looking at – more upside for us, at a double-digit discount no less.

And then there's the inflation-beating income...