Oshkosh Truck Corp


Oshkosh Stock Is an Even Stronger Buy After Its $6 Billion USPS Contract

The USPS finally announced the winner of its coveted contract to build an all electric fleet of delivery vehicles.

The $6 billion deal went to a company you may not know much about: Oshkosh Corp.


Different EV companies, Workhorse Group Inc.

(NASDAQ: WKHS), was hyped as a likelier candidate.

Instead, Oshkosh found out they had been awarded the ten-year contract to modernize the U.S.

Post Offices fleet of vehicles.

This will be one of the most extensive overhauls of the Post Office's fleet of delivery vehicles in decades.

Shares of OSK popped 13%, while WKHS sank nearly 50%.

The surprise news has investors scrambling to do due diligence on the company.

That's what we're here for.

Let's take a deep look into Oshkosh's financials and management, then see if this contract makes the stock a buy now or a wait and see...