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Why DraftKings Stock Is a Must Own Now

The presidential election may have gotten most of the headlines, but quietly three states (Maryland, Louisiana, and South Dakota) were all voting on another important issue: sports gambling.

All three states voted to pass bills that will legalize sports betting starting next year.

That should prove to be a major catalyst for sports gambling stocks into 2021 and beyond.

And DraftKings Inc.

(NASDAQ: DKNG) stock is set to be the biggest winner out of all them.

I'll show you why…



3 Best Sports Gambling Stocks to Buy Now

There was one clear winner in Tuesday's election, and I'm not talking about the presidency.

Legal sports gambling swept victories everywhere it was on the ballot.

Voters approved sports gambling by a wide margin in Louisiana, Maryland, and South Dakota by comfortable margins.

It seems people love to bet on sports, and states love the tax revenues sports betting can generate.

And with the market rallying again, the best sports gambling stocks are due to surge even higher.


Markets Live Recap: The Nasdaq Breaks Above 10,000 for the First Time

Investors mostly paused their buying spree today as the Dow snapped its 6-day winning streak.

Concerns that the recent rally is overbought could be valid, but tech stocks couldn't be stopped today.

The Nasdaq touched 10,000 for the first time in intraday trading and closed 0.3% higher.

But the S&P 500 closed 0.8% lower and the Dow fell 1.1%.

Here's what our experts - Chris Johnson, Tom Gentile, D.R. Barton, Jr., and Shah Gilani - saw live at the open and close of the trading day...


New Las Vegas Deal Will Send These 3 Gaming REITs Much Higher

One of the most exciting spaces to invest in right now is the gaming and casino REIT industry.

This is a relatively young area of the industry.

And I absolutely love this space because the market doesn't know how to properly value them yet.

That's where our opportunity today lies…

Gaming REITs own casinos and their proximate retail and hotel assets and lease them to gaming operators like Penn National Gaming, Boyd Gaming, and even MGM Properties.

It can take some time for the market to establish a proper trading multiple for new businesses and their assets.

This situation is playing out right in front of our eyes thanks to increasing deal making across the gaming and casino industry.

In fact, gaming REITs are experiencing a "re-rating" process, according to a recent report from Nomura Instinet.

That will make prices in the top three gaming REITs push higher in the months ahead.

Let's talk about this trend and name the three companies...


These 2 Casino Stocks Will Lead This Soaring Sector Even Higher

One sector with positive growth expectations for many years to come is the casino sector.

It may seem surprising, but casino stocks are actually one of the best investments you can make right now. And today, we'll show you the two best casino stocks to buy before 2019.

Even though it's heavily reliant on the strength of the consumer, casinos tend to do well no matter the near-term direction of the economy.

And these are our two favorite stocks in the sector...