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This COVID-19 Vaccine Stock Has More Upside Than Pfizer or Moderna

Developing effective vaccines against a deadly global pandemic is certainly bullish for a stock.

Indeed, Moderna and Pfizer shareholders have put away as much as 516% and 51% gains, respectively.

And when a lot of investors see this, they fear they’ve missed out.

Well, Michael’s here to assure you that you haven’t; not by a long shot.

And today, he’s got a vaccine stock you should put at the top of your “must-buy” list for the week ahead… .



Best Call Options to Trade Now for 300% Profit Potential

With all the enthusiasm over a new vaccine, money is flooding back into stocks, but investors and traders alike are leaving profits on the table if they aren't trading call options on the right stocks.

Just look what happened in the market last week.

Pfizer Inc.

(NYSE: PFE), which has a 90% effective vaccine in the final stages of testing, announced that it was, in fact, 95% effective.

That news bookended other news that Moderna Inc's (NASDAQ: MRNA) vaccine was 94.5% effective in trials.

That's poured gasoline on an already hot stock market.

But just buying any old stock and hanging on for the ride isn't a profitable strategy.

But trading these call options is...

Trading Strategies

Why the Dow Jones Could Quickly Hit 35,000

The anticipation is palpable… and building fast. We've had three reports on extremely effective upcoming coronavirus vaccines, and each report practically blows the last one out of the water.

First we heard preliminary reports that Pfizer and BioNTech's revolutionary messenger RNA (mRNA) coronavirus vaccine was 90% effective. That was great… until yesterday morning, when the biotechs got back in touch to say the real figure was something closer to 95%. And in the middle, we've heard from Moderna, which is reporting its mRNA vaccine is 94.5% effective.

Every time, stocks have taken off like a shot at the news; vaccines have helped push the Dow back above its February 2020 highs.

Here's the thing… setting aside the six vaccines The New York Times reports are in limited use in China and Russia – about which there are many unanswered questions – there are at least nine more coronavirus vaccines deep in phase 3, large-scale efficacy trials.

And there are no less than 55 more candidates in earlier, phase 1 and 2 trials. Some of these vaccine candidates won't advance, but others almost certainly will – two have already.

That all this has happened in less than a year is an "Apollo moonshot"-like scientific achievement. But that's also a whole lot of concentrated upside potential that could flood the markets and push stocks to almost unthinkable highs.

So I asked Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Shah Gilani what it all means for us investors…



The Best Call Options Trades for 290% Profit Potential

A COVID vaccine is on the way and it’s made the stock market a trader’s paradise overnight.

We want to show you how to turn the vaccine rally with the best call options trades you can make today.

Pfizer Inc.

(NYSE: PFE) rocked the world on Nov.

8 when it announced, with its partner BioNTech SE (NASDAQ: BNTX), that its coronavirus vaccine was 90% effective.

The stock market went wild the next day and the Dow rocketed higher by over 1600 points in the early going.


Here’s how to trade it…


My Favorite Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate Doesn’t Have to Finish First

It might be too early to call it "a light at the end of the tunnel," but the quest for a novel coronavirus vaccine has entered a new, perhaps decisive phase.

We knew fairly quickly after the pandemic exploded that life in most places could never be as it was until an effective vaccine or therapy was produced.

And now we're beginning to get a picture – tentative, to be sure – of when and how that might happen.

Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has said he expects FDA emergency approval of some kind of vaccine by November or December of this year.

Taking it a step further, both Bill Gates and CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield have indicated the logistics of vaccine distribution will mean life "will start to return to normal" by second and third quarters of 2021, or roughly 18 months after the social and economic devastation of this crisis started.

That seems like an awfully long time, and of course it is, but, as of now, the current "speed record" holder in the vaccine stakes belongs to Merck & Co. Inc.'s Mumpsvax.

And when I say "speed record," understand that it took nearly five years to develop Mumpsvax back in the 1960s.

For us to have an effective vaccine – any vaccine – by the end of 2020, or a little over a year since the disease emerged, would be a breathtaking, unparalleled scientific achievement.

There are dozens upon dozens of different vaccines and therapies being researched all over the world, all in different stages. The market, however, is paying the closest attention to just a few.

Aside from AstraZeneca Plc. in the United Kingdom, there are two frontrunner candidates in the United States, both in late, phase 3 clinical trials.

There's Moderna Inc., whose shares have soared as high as 400%, and Pfizer Inc., which has been rather more subdued this year, but whose vaccine candidate is a favorite in some circles for the first emergency approval.

With that said, the stock I'm going to name might not be first, but it may very well be the best… Full Story

With that said, the stock I'm going to name might not be first, but it may very well be the best...