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Buy These Three Recovery Stocks for 100% in Gains This Spring

This current downturn means one thing: Recovery.

In fact, the market's worst week in is a great time to shuffle the portfolio and buy stocks.

And money is moving into recovery stocks by the billions.

Financials, energy, metals – those have been great lately, but today, Chris will show you how these three stocks offer the biggest, fastest profits….



Best Retail Stocks to Buy Before $1,400 Checks Go Out

A major retail sales report just rocked Wall Street week: People are spending money again.

Big time.

And one more thing.

Americans are getting stimulus checks up to $1,400 as soon as next month.

That's going to drive these sales even higher.

That explosion is going to be a pale imitation compared to the sales bonanza we'll see as more people are vaccinated and the pandemic heads off into the history books.

With retail sales already blowing away expectations and more catalysts coming we're taking a deep look into the top retail stocks to help you find the best to own to profit from this breakout.

Trading Strategies

The Best Stocks to Trade in December

It seems like I just took down my Christmas tree from last year, and now the holidays are upon us once again – which means some great profit opportunities are here, as well.

A lot of investors will hunt for trades in retail and transportation. The holiday season is traditionally good for those sectors. But that's not the full story of where you can get the biggest opportunities.

When you look closer at how stocks actually trade in December, you'll see the most consistent performers during the holidays are not always what you'd expect.

That's why I use stocks' historical patterns to uncover the best potential winners. History tends to repeat, particularly when it produces the same result consistently over longer periods. It's your best guide to predicting the future movement of stocks.

Today, I'll show you seven stocks with 100% historical accuracy.

That means that if history repeats yet again, these trades can drop profits into your pockets for the holidays...


The Best Way to Play the Booming IPO Market

On Saturday, maybe you're planning to go for a run, watch some cartoons, or make your family a nice breakfast.

For me, I'll be up bright and early, as I am each Saturday, looking for more profit opportunities for you in the tech world. And this Saturday in particular, I'll be checking out the latest initial public offerings.

It's rare that I don't start working by 7:15 a.m. on Saturdays. It's a great time to look at tech trends and screen a host of stocks when there's no noise from the market.

And every Saturday, I try to update my list of new tech stocks.

After spending 34 years in Silicon Valley and serving as a strategic consultant to a dozen startups, tracking IPOs comes naturally to me.

I want to see if any of my "babies" have graduated.

So, I get the names of newly public tech and life sciences stocks and put them on my post-IPO tracking screen. On Saturday, July 7, alone, I had to input 28 new stocks into my online database.

I didn't spend much time doing that in 2017, which was a weak year for IPOs.

But this year, the IPO market is on fire… and my Saturday mornings are busier.

Led by the successful IPOs of tech firms like Dropbox Inc. (Nasdaq: DBX) in March, and Spotify Technology SA (Nasdaq: SPOT) in April, tech IPOs are up 92% from last year, according to a report in TechCrunch.

This turn of events is crucial for technology investors like us.

Today I'll show you why that is - and I'll show you the best way to play this hot, hot, hot trend...


Here's the Only Way to Play President Trump's Trade Wars

In case you've missed the news, President Trump's trade wars have officially begun.

After months of circulating rumors and political rhetoric, a 25% levy on $34 billion of Chinese goods entering the United States took effect just after midnight.

And neither side is showing any signs of backing down, as China immediately slapped U.S. shipments with "retaliatory" tariffs.

Now, as you might guess, this could cause quite the disruption in an already volatile and uncertain market – especially when you don't know when the next set of retaliatory tariffs might hit.

So here's everything you need to know to survive even the worst of the trade wars...


Double Your Money in Less Than Three Years with This Backdoor Play on AI

Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C) is looking to cut half of its 20,000 tech and operations staff and replace them with artificial intelligence, robotics, and other forms of automation.

Goldman Sachs International is looking to do something similar.

This is according to a series of interviews in the Financial Times.

A Gallup survey of 3,000 Americans released in March shows that 73% felt that AI would kill more jobs than it creates. That tracks with a 2016 survey by the Pew Research Center in which 65% said automation that includes AI would replace "much" of the work done now by humans.

People are scared – and I understand why.

But there's a much bigger story here – and it's a positive one for job seekers.

It's a positive story for technology investors, too – so you know you'll want to pay attention to this.

The truth is, AI-led automation is not a zero-sum proposition.

So, today let's drill beneath these alarmist headlines.

Let's discover how AI-driven automation is actually sparking a jobs boom.

And I'll give you a hidden way to play this field with a stock I think will double in less than 30 months...

Global Markets

How to Play North Korea for Big Profits That Most Investors Will Miss

I've spent 36 years in global markets as a consultant, analyst, and trader, and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that the biggest profits frequently stem from the most unthinkable situations.

Like peace in North Korea.

Most investors simply cannot process what's happened, and as usual, the mainstream media isn't helping. In fact, news related to the historic summit between President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un has all but vanished from the world's front pages.

But not from my attention.

I call this the "Rule of the Back Page" – because that's where stories like this one get buried before becoming front-page news again.

Savvy investors like the legendary Jim Rogers, Warren Buffett, and the late Sir John Templeton know this all too well. That's why they're frequently "on the hunt" at times when almost no one else thinks to dig up opportunity.

Present company excepted, of course.

What I want you to understand is that getting ahead of major global events can be a source of huge, life-changing wealth if you play your cards correctly...