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Pocket 500% with This "Delta Variant" Volatility Trade

Just when we thought we were out of the woods and on the other side of this pandemic, the meaner, more infectious COVID-19 Delta variant is currently jeopardizing our post-pandemic recovery.

While nobody knows if the surge in cases will return to 2020 peak levels, even the prospect of it is enough to move the markets.

And all this volatility spells opportunity, which is why Tom’s got the perfect way to play it for a chance to pocket 500%…



Three Recovery Stocks to Buy Before Summer Starts

Some pandemic recovery plays have been a lot smoother than others – JETS and PEJ have had relatively consistent runs up.

Other recovery stocks to buy haven't been "all upside," though; they've had much choppier runs, with steep sell-offs along the way.

That's changing now, though, and the time is right to jump on these three surging stocks…



Why GoodRx Stock Is One of My Top Reopening Plays

You already know the economic recovery from the pandemic is going to be great for travel, dining, and entertainment, but it's also going to be great for a surprising sector: healthcare.

This is a big part of the reason why I see GoodRx (NASDAQ: GDRX) as such an interesting reopening play.

Even better, it's a strong company that's flying under the radar right now.

You see, everyone is already piling into the trendy recovery stocks, but that could backfire in a big way.

Here's why every recovery stock isn't the same and why that makes GoodRx one of the best stocks to buy now...


This Is the Best Value Stock to Buy Right Now

With the rate at which vaccinations are currently taking place across the country, there’ll likely be a shot available to every adult who wants one by May 1.

It’s what’s driving a historic economic recovery in record time.

For investors, it means monster profit potential in classic value stocks right now.

And Andrew thinks this firm’s the real deal….



The Smart Way to Buy Royal Caribbean Stock

Royal Caribbean stock has become an investor favorite.

And for good reason.

RCL is already up 37% on the year, including a 7% pop on Wednesday alone.

The stock has plenty higher to go to catch up to it's pre-pandemic level too.

That's what makes it such an enticing buy.

But there's an even better way to buy it than scooping up shares right now….



The Best Stocks to Buy Before the Next Round of Stimulus

Stocks were at their lows for the year back in March when COVID-19 was spreading rapidly throughout the world for the first time.

It was a time of fear and panic in the financial markets as stocks fell about 35% from their all-time highs in February with little information to go on for the novel virus.

But then, the United States federal government went into their economic playbook and passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

This provided over $2 trillion in economic support to American workers, families, and small businesses.

In general, most of the stock market has reacted favorably.

Since the CARES Act was passed on March 27, the S&P 500 is up 30% to new all-time highs.

So today, we're going to reveal some of the best stimulus stocks to buy now (and avoid) before a second major round of stimulus hits the markets...


Should I Buy Norwegian Cruise Line Stock?

The coronavirus crash sunk the Dow Jones as much as 35% back in March.

Travel stocks were some of the first to go.

Cruises especially.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (NYSE: RCL) went from $134 to just $22, an 83% loss.

But these cruise line stocks just got a big catalyst that's sent them soaring back.

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (NYSE: NCLH) is even up 100% since lows.

But is Norwegian Cruise line a buy right now?

Here's what you should know about that.