Watch List: Four Stocks Moving Right Now

Plenty of traders will risk $1 for the chance to make $1, and that can be okay if the stock moves your way.

But, Mark Sebastian is going after high-reward, low-risk “asymmetrical returns” – cheap trades with tons of profit potential on four stocks moving right now.



Sundial Growers Stock Forecast 2025: A Repeat 692% Gain?

Sundial Growers Inc. was the latest cannabis stock to go viral after Reddit traders caught wind of a potential catalyst earlier this year.

Sundial stock jumped from $0.50 to near $4 in early February, about a 692% gain.

It crashed back below $1 in just a couple months.

But some still believe this one is a long buy.

Here’s the Sundial Growers stock forecast for 2025…

Here’s the Sundial Growers stock forecast for 2025...