Cathie Wood’s Shopping List for the Tech Stock Sell-Off  

By now almost every investor knows the name Cathie Wood.

She runs ARK Funds, the largest actively traded ETF, and her trades have almost reached cult status as billions flow into her funds.

They recently reached the $50 billion milestone.

In South Korea, retail investors have even given her the nickname "Money Tree." Her funds have gotten so large that in many cases she owns more than 10% of a company's outstanding shares, an impressive feat for even the biggest fund managers.

And the fact that many of her funds are up over 200% since the lows in March of 2020, easily outpacing the broader markets, hasn't hurt either.

In short, when she makes trades, people follow.

To help our readers find out which stocks Cathie Wood is buying that deserve a spot in your portfolio, we've put together a list of our three favorite ARK stocks you can own at a discount...


What to Do as Bitcoin Hits $44,000 (and the S&P 500)

Just as we predicted, Bitcoin's now hit over $40,000, thanks to big institutional investors and corporations who've pumped $17 billion into BTC and other microcurrencies over the past few months.

Bitcoin's mass acceptance gives it solid footing to reach Tom's one-year, $100K price target.

But due to some incredible events over the past three days, Tom might actually have to increase his price target…



This Top Fintech Stock Could Outperform Affirm, PayPal, and Square

It is amazing to think Western Union debuted the first electronic fund transfer 150 years ago in 1871.

Way before the internet, computers and even the telephone, this first payment was done via the telegraph and proved to be immensely successful.

Today, it's grown into an entire industry of it's own: fintech.

Now the industry today is much more than sending payments.

It's managing funds, trading stocks, cryptocurrency, lending, payment plans and much more, all conducted through apps on your phone or on a computer.

Now, I'm looking at another fintech opportunity for our readers.

It's one you won't want to miss...


Why Ripple’s Problem Means Huge Bitcoin Profits

There’s a huge controversy surrounding Ripple (XRP) right now – basically, Ripple insists it’s a cryptocurrency, but the SEC says it’s an unregistered security.

Andrew sees Ripple coming under increasing pressure as more exchanges pull the ripcord.

And that brings us to Bitcoin – the coin he’s expecting to be a huge beneficiary of all this….



Turn Your $600 Stimulus Check into Much More with This Top Stock

Congress has finally gotten its act together and passed a stimulus package to support the economy.

That's welcome news.

You see, one of the great benefits of these stimulus checks is it's a great opportunity for stock buying.

Not only do investors have a bit more cash to sink into the market, but the boost to the market could create a windfall opportunity for the right stocks.

And we've got just the one to buy now...


Markets Live Recap: Stocks Rise Despite 3.17 Million More Unemployment Claims

The U.S. weekly jobless claims number increased another 3.17 million people (versus the 3.05 million expected by economists) today.

That brings the total to 33.5 million Americans unemployed over the last seven weeks.

Stocks shook off the news, however, as the Dow rallied 0.9%.

The Nasdaq rose 1.4% as investors buy into technology stocks that are less likely to be affected by government shutdowns.

Oil was up 10% in the first half of trading, but closed down 3% in a volatile session.

And interestingly enough, gold was up 2% while Bitcoin popped 6%.

Typically, gold is negatively correlated to stocks and goes down when the market goes up.

Here's why our experts – Chris Johnson, D.R. Barton, Jr., and Shah Gilani – think stocks are likely to experience more pain to come.

And why gold (and Bitcoin) might be the big winners over the next couple years...