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3 High-Dividend Stocks for Your Retirement Portfolio

You have worked, scrimped, saved, and invested for a long time to retire.

Now you need to set your portfolio up to provide a steady, consistent stream of income.

In years past, you might have been talking to your banker about certificates of deposit or visiting with a local broker to discuss tax-free bonds, but in today's zero interest rate world, that's no longer an option.

You need income to fund your dreams, and your best option is the stock market.

Fortunately, high-yield dividend stocks are out there, even in this pandemic-ravaged economy.



3 Best High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Buy Today

Finding reliable high-yield dividend stocks has been harder than ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

To help you add income to your portfolio at a time when it seems nearly impossible, I've researched the companies that best fit this criteria.

That means zeroing in on a must-have industries, searching corporate balance sheets to find solid companies, and looking for insider buying.

That's given me three of the best high-yield stocks you can be comfortable adding to your portfolio right now…


Penny Stocks

The 3 Best Penny Stocks to Buy Now for 400% Upside

One of the most important days you will ever experience as a trader and investor will be when you realize you don't have to do what everyone else is doing.

Just because everyone else you know and all the talking heads in the media are trading the same handful of stocks doesn't mean you must as well.

If your goal is to grow your net worth as quickly as possible, you'll need to go off the beaten path.

Your core long term portfolio can be based on undervaluation, high growth, quality, or any of a number of factors.

But at least part of your portfolio needs to be swinging for the fences.

That's where penny stocks come in.

Today we'll show you the best penny stocks to buy now for the chance to multiply your money five times over...


3 "Forever Stocks" to Buy and Hold Now

Finding stocks that return 50 to 100 times your original investment requires two steps.

First, identify those companies with the type of business model that should adapt to changing business conditions and survive tumultuous change for a very long time.

If you want to own the types of businesses you can own forever and never spend a minute worrying about what the stock price did on any given day, then you're going to want to read this...


How One of the Best Tech Stocks to Buy Today Is Tapping into 300% Industry Growth

Like Amazon, Sea Ltd. (NYSE: SE) operates an e-commerce business.

But they also have a digital wallet platform and one of the fastest growing gaming companies.

This company operates in industries with enormous potential growth, and it is well-positioned in in the seven markets they operate in (Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore).

While the company is not yet profitable and could see adverse effects on its stock price because of this, as a longer-term investment, Sea offers massive potential.

So, let's break that down and show you why you should invest in one of the fastest growing companies in Southeast Asia.