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The "Right" Stuff: 2018's Top 5 Tech Dividend Stocks

I love being right.

I was right about tech stocks – as a group and on dozens if not hundreds of individual plays as well. I was right about legal cannabis stocks. And I'm right on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

But sometimes I love being wrong, too.

You see, as a longtime Silicon Valley insider with a strong track record of picking the fastest-growing stocks in the market, I have shied away from dividend plays. And I was wrong about that.

Fact is, in "Old Silicon Valley," dividends were held suspect – shunned even. That's because fast-growing firms need to send most of their cash flow back into R&D and finding new growth opportunities.

So I felt that when a tech leader started to pay dividends, it was a sign that senior management had decided to play it safe rather than advance more breakthrough products.

But in the "New Silicon Valley," high-tech firms are becoming some of the best dividend stocks to own, while still offering lots of new growth.

Today I'm going to show you why that's true.

Then I'll reveal five ways you can play this new trend to pile up both share-price gains and dividend cash...


Trump's Budget Reveals Defense Tech's Hottest Plays

You'll have to forgive Mike Petters if he seems a little tongue-tied these days.

Ever since the Budget Control Act of 2011, things have been slow in the military shipbuilding industry.

That law is what led to "sequestration," the across-the-board spending cuts of $1.2 trillion over 10 years, roughly half of that from defense.

So things have been a bit depressing in Norfolk, Va., and other shipbuilding centers.

But no longer.

Yes, the markets are under pressure, but let's tune out this kind of short-term noise and look for great long-term moneymaking opportunities. In fact, sell-offs like we saw last week give us a new buying opportunity.

While the talking heads were going crazy over the Trump administration's decision to slap tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, there's some great news coming out of the White House that everyone seems to be ignoring.

Here's the thing: Coming on the heels of a brief government shutdown, the recent budget deal will hand defense contractors an extra $75 billion over the next two years. The Pentagon intends to boost spending maintaining older equipment – and on new aircraft, missiles, tanks, and, yes, ships.

Petters' company may be the biggest beneficiary of this new defense buildup – but it's far from the only one.

So today I want to tell you more about this company – and three others that will be making big bank on the strength of all those tens of billions heading the Pentagon's way.

Let's take a look...


Here Are the Notes I Didn't Share with CNBC About Wednesday's "Tech Wreck"

We saw such unusual market action on Wednesday, Nov. 29, that I had to push my original plan for today's article until next week.

On Wednesday, we had very a unusual occurrence – strongly bifurcated (or split) market indexes here in the United States. That's a split market. That's a crazy market. That's also a crazy profitable market.

When we had the so-called "Tech Wreck" back in June of this year, CNBC called me while I was sitting comfortably on my couch the night of June 12 and asked if I'd come on air in two hours and talk about my analysis of the last couple of days' events. I was happy to help. I told them that the market was in no danger and should rebound.

Wednesday, with the markets having a very similar split-index action, I was telling the editorial staff at The 10-Minute Millionaire that story and halfheartedly suggested they might do it again…

And the on-air request from CNBC hit my email at precisely 7:29 p.m. that night!

Here are the thoughts I put together for them... plus what I didn't tell them about how to profit...


Flying Cars Are Coming - and Here’s the Best Way to Play This Emerging Tech Trend

Right now, on a big screen near you, Ryan Gosling's character in "Blade Runner 2049" is piloting a flying car known as a "Spinner" to hunt down renegade androids – replicants.

The flying car is an idea so old it's almost timeless.

But I trace its modern beginnings back to 1926, when Henry Ford himself showed off the "sky flivver" – a tiny, 350-pound, single-seat monoplane – to the press.

Call it a "sky flivver," a "plane car," a "personal aircraft," or a "flying car"… we've been waiting a long time.

Now mark my word. It will come.

You may smile, or even laugh. Feel free.

But the fact is, flying cars are coming – fast.

In fact, one company I've followed closely for decades just bought a startup focused on autonomous air taxis.

And I believe that company is the single best way to play this emerging tech trend...


Stats Confirm: The Road to Wealth Is Still Paved by Tech

I'm writing today to ask you a simple question: Would you like to earn a 49,000% return on your investment?

Please don't think I'm just being rhetorical here.

You see, I've been telling just about anyone who will listen for the last four years that the road to wealth is paved by tech.

During that period, we've often been met with deep skepticism from the national media. But a there's a powerful new stat that proves what we've been saying all along.

Here's what you need to know...


The Winner of Tech's Biggest Rivalry Could Be You

It's about to become one of the biggest tech rivalries of all time.

We're talking bigger than AMD vs. Intel, Netflix vs. Comcast, and Apple's iOS vs. Alphabet's Android.

That's because this growing showdown is taking place over the Internet of Everything (IoE).

There's a lot riding on the line here. Over the next two decades, the IoE will have a business and economic impact worth between $14 trillion and $25 trillion.

See, the IoE will connect trillions of sensors around the world that will be attached to everything from autos and streetlights to shipping boxes and robots to smart cities and homes.

That's why the General Electric Co. and Siemens AG are fighting so hard to dominate this budding field.

One of the two stands to profit hugely - and so do you...


Sometimes the Road to Wealth Is Paved by Tech - and Toothpaste

When it comes to biotech, so much vital R&D money goes down the drain.

Little wonder then that a major drug player might want to realign its operations to be less focused on the boom-and-bust cycle of drug research.

Today, we'll explore a Big Pharma leader that's doing just that.

It got started on this move three years ago.

It just made a big promotion that will serve as a further catalyst in this same direction.

And its stock could make you 20% a year - or more - for a long time to come...


To Make Big Money in Tech, You Have to Study the "Other Side" of Silicon Valley

Before I began working for you folks, I served as a senior advisor to a dozen tech startups and sat on the board of a Silicon Valley venture capital firm (VC).

And when it comes to finding profit-producing tech investments before mainstream stock analysts do, that gives me a leg up on Wall Street.

In fact, it gives me a "secret" method.

Besides following the stock market and keeping my ear to the ground here in Silicon Valley, I spend hours each week intensely studying VC funding.

Continue Reading...


Is Facebook Stock Stuck in a Tech Bubble?

The Facebook stock price is only slightly up in 2016, despite the company increasing revenue by 51.68% in its latest earnings report from the same time a year ago.

Because the FANG  stocks are down for the year, some investors are wondering if FB stock is trapped in a 2016 tech bubble.

Even though investors are panicking and the markets are volatile, we believe that there is a huge opportunity for patient investors right at this very moment...


Why Big Tech Stocks Are "Unwinding" in 2016

Blue-chip tech stocks were some of the biggest growth catalysts for the bull market we exited in January. That was the longest bull market since World War II, which lasted six years.

Now we've entered a bear market. And it's sent the Nasdaq down 17% from its July highs.

Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) are already down 11% and 26% this year, respectively.

Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald explains why big tech stocks are forfeiting their gains and how investors should play them long term...