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Dow Jones Today Jumps Over 60 Points as Pepsi Kicks Off Earnings Season

The Dow Jones today posted a 61 point gain in premarket trading after PepsiCo. posted better than expected earnings before Tuesday's open.

Pepsi's earnings report kicked of Q2 earnings season.

Analysts expect a wide range of companies to provide guidance concerning the long term impact of 2017's tax cuts and the Trump administration's recent imposition of tariffs on international trade partners.


3 Best Dividend Stocks for Retirees with 3%-Plus Yields

Finding reliable retirement income is harder than ever thanks to the Fed's policies, which have led to rock-bottom interest rates. And with stocks trading at all-time highs, even decent dividend income is hard to come by.

For those investors who already have a retirement plan in place and still have extra money to invest, Money Morning has a strategy to supplement your main retirement income.

Here are the three best dividend stocks for retirees looking to supplement their retirement income with yields over 3%.


How to Play Detroit's Chinese Connection

Western investors reacted with outright derision and plenty of skepticism when news broke this week that one or more Chinese automakers are considering bids for Detroit's Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV.

What they don't realize is that not only is a deal like this absolutely possible, it's highly probable.

And imminent.

Which means the time to make your move is now.

Many investors are simply incredulous. I've spoken with tens of thousands of them over the years who cannot grasp the enormous financial implications associated with China's emergence as a global power.

In some cases, they don't want to acknowledge that China truly has global aspirations.

Most of the time, though, I find they simply cannot process the notion that somebody may have a bigger, more profitable vision of the future than they do – especially when it comes to an industry we pioneered.

However, they better get used to the idea… Chinese automakers are a logical partner.

In fact, they may be the only partner...


These 2017 Ethereum Price Predictions Have a $500 Target

An Ethereum price prediction of $500 by the end of the year is not a long shot by any means, even in the aftermath of the recent 50% drop.

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is prone to volatility, but the long-term case for much higher prices down the road remains as solid as ever. Several cryptocurrency experts see the price of Ethereum doubling from the current $250 by the end of 2017.

Here's why these experts believe the Ethereum price will reach $500 this year...


Why the Ethereum Price Is Rising So Fast

Today (Tuesday) the Ethereum price continued its remarkable run, making yet another all-time high as it approached the $260 level.

The price of Ethereum is up $2,900% on the year, and 190% just since May 17. Ethereum's run is even more impressive than Bitcoin's.

But while Ethereum investors are counting their profits, everyone else wants to know why the cryptocurrency has gone so high so fast.

Let's just say Ethereum has a lot of things going for it right now...