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Some of the Richest Guys on Earth Revealed Their Secrets on These Calls; Here's the Scoop

We're coming up on the last few weeks of earnings season… and one of my favorite parts.

That's because the absolute masters – the wizards, the "special forces" of money, the private equity pros – are reporting their earnings and giving their must-have take on the state of the markets and the global economy.

Why is this a can't-miss call?

Because there are some huge opportunities to be had following along with geniuses like Apollo Global Management LLC's Leon Black and KKR & Co. LP's Bill Janetschek.

These folks make serious money. Some of them won't get out of bed unless they can lock in a market-crushing 15% or 20% to do it.

And if you go and do likewise, if you position your money and align your investing with the private equity giants, you can crush the market, too.

Because believe me, ho-hum indexing returns won't cut the mustard for a comfortable retirement...