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How to Handle a Stock for Maximum Profit Potential When the Unthinkable Happens

Most investors know to look out for planned financial events such as earnings or FOMC meetings, but they hardly give a thought to those unpredictable, unthinkable events that can explode across global markets in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

Keith's here to show you how best to prepare for these situations ahead of time and how to take advantage of stocks with significant upside opportunity like this one...


Connect These Two "Dots" to Find True Bargains Like Apple

There's no shortage of loud distractions out there for investors right now, competing for our precious mental bandwidth. I'm bombarded with it every day, just like you are.

The good news is you can tune all that "stuff" out, because there are really just two things to focus on right now.

First, revenue drives earnings, and earnings drive stock prices – line up one, and the other is almost certain to follow.

Second – and as folks are quickly discovering in my new Straight Line Profits service – knowing how to determine whether a stock should be higher is absolutely critical to your investing success.

I know that sounds obvious, but you'd be amazed at how many investors don't connect the two.

Apple - a company that's already doubled our money - is a great example of what I'm talking about...


Bitcoin's Death Spiral (and What to Buy Instead)

Turkey wasn't the only thing getting roasted over Thanksgiving.

Bitcoin hit a low of just $3,550.04 per coin on Nov. 25. That means the once-vaunted cryptocurrency has now lost a staggering 82.13% of its value since hitting $19,870.62 a coin last December.

Just this month alone, Bitcoin's off 44.55%!

There are all kinds of reasons being bandied about in the press about why it's happening. Everything from low-trading volume to potential regulation are being cited as causal factors.

The real reason is far simpler...

Trading Strategies

The Safest Stock I Can Find Right Now (and How to Buy It)

I've been as steadfast as I've been consistent.

The "dead cat bounce" others claimed would turn into a more substantial rally two weeks ago was nothing more than a head fake. "There's still more downside ahead," a comment I repeated Oct. 22 during an appearance on Varney & Co.

At issue?


You almost never hear about that from Wall Street.

But you should, especially this time around...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Opens Flat Despite Strong Earnings from Boeing

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was little changed in premarket trading despite a stronger than expected earnings report from Boeing (NYSE: BA).

Shares of the aircraft and space manufacturing giant popped 4.1% after the firm reported EPS of $4.07 on top of $25.15 billion in revenue.

Wall Street expected EPS of $3.45 on top of $23.72 billion in revenue.

The company cited stronger demand from U.S. defense departments and hiked its full-year 2018 forecast.


LitePay Is a Game Changer, and Not Just for Litecoin

LitePay is just the sort of thing that could make cryptocurrencies more commonplace.

This new service, expected to go live Feb. 26, will make it possible for people to spend their Litecoin with the equivalent of a pre-paid credit card. And get this – the LitePay card is compatible with the Visa network.

Here's why this is not only huge for Litecoin, but for the entire cryptocurrency sector...