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This Lesson Is Essential to Our Triple-Digit Wins

My chemical engineering career revolved around understanding intricate production systems and making them work better.

Complex chemical processes can take years to design, build, and troubleshoot. I had the opportunity to go through two such design-build-startup cycles in my days.

Double, triple, and quadruple checks were called for. And I'm pleased to say that when I took early retirement, I left behind two working plants.

But it was my very first assignment that still stands out to me. The process I was working on made nitrogen oxides (NOx) as part of the offgas.

To minimize the amount of NOx sent in the atmosphere, the plant had an evaporation tower where water would flow down from the top over a series of horizontal trays in the tower and would absorb the NOx from the gas stream flowing up from the bottom of the tower.

My job was to figure out why the tower wasn't taking out as much NOx as needed.

I did what any good engineer would – I studied the design parameters of the tower to see if I could uncover any parameters that were off. Everything was correct, so there were no performance problems there.

It wasn't until I left the office and climbed the tower itself that I found the answer.

Here's what my first engineering conquest and our recent big wins have in common...

Trading Strategies

This Guy Is Racking Up Big, Profitable Wins Every Week

Twenty-year market veteran Chris Johnson made his bones as a quantitative analyst (imagine a rocket scientist who worked with stocks instead of, you know, rockets), using proprietary mathematical models to bull's-eye "seismic" market anomalies with triple-digit upside potential – and all so regular investors don't have to, of course.

Since April, his Seismic Profits Alert readers have had the opportunity to clean up, with gains of 223.6%, 190.6%, and 197.6% on really tiny 1% and 2% "earthquakes" in stocks like Best Buy Co. Inc. and Intuit Inc.

Then again, that's not really all that surprising: Chris' Seismic Profits Alert is basically designed to go after triple-digit winners every trading week.

Chris is smack-dab in the middle of one of the busiest times of the trading year right now, working on no less than five profit recommendations for his readers, but he had a few minutes for me to ask a couple of questions, re-introduce him to our Members, and talk about the unique way he looks at stocks.

It's a point of view his subscribers benefit from each and every week, not to mention why he gets in and out so quickly with so much cash...