Markets Live Recap: Dow Turns Negative After President Trump Announces China Conference

Another 2.13 million Americans filed for unemployment over the past week, once again outpacing Wall Street's estimate of 2.05 million.

That means, nearly 41 million Americans have submitted jobless claims since the coronavirus pandemic gripped economies around the world.

That news was overshadowed by the by the four million people who discontinued their unemployment benefits over the same timeframe.

Continuing jobless claims fell from 25 million last week to 21 million this week.

That's largely due to states reopening their economies to various extents.

Stocks rallied for most of the trading session, with the Dow up 0.8% mid-day.

But then the big news of the day occurred at the end, when President Trump announced he will be giving a news conference regarding the China situation with Hong Kong tomorrow.

Here's what our experts – Chris Johnson and Shah Gilani – saw throughout Thursday's volatile trading session.



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