S&P 500 Utilities Sector SPDR


The Best Utility Stock to Buy Now

Over the last 30 days, one sector had its best month of the year.

And no, it wasn't tech… This sector outperformed the S&P 500 by 6% and is worth paying attention to now.

This could be the start of a trend that lasts the rest of the year and possibly into 2021.

Investing in this sector isn't necessarily a long-term buy and hold, as much as it is a trade for the next three to six months.

We're talking about the utilities sector.

Here's our best utility stock to buy now...


These Are the Top Two Sectors to Play This Year

Tuesday marked a six-day winning streak for the three big indices…

The S&P 500 gained almost 1% the first day of trading – its best start since 1987. The Nasdaq gained 1.5% in Tuesday's trading session. And the Dow ran up to new highs in five of the last six trading days – and continues to trade above 25,000.

Quite an impressive move to kick off the year…

The real question now is whether or not this historical bull rally will continue for the rest of the year.

And the answer lies in this time-tested pattern...


Here Are the Top Two Sectors to Trade Right Now

The stock market's record-winning streak was cut short last Tuesday afternoon following the news that the Senate was delaying its healthcare vote until after its Fourth of July recess. This means we could be looking at the potential for some volatility until then.

But to be honest with you… I'm really not a "why" guy when it comes to the markets. So whether or not the latest developments out of Washington cause more uncertainty is not my main concern.

What I care most about is giving you everything you need to spot the most profitable opportunities right now.

And that's why I want to give you my top two sector picks - and the best ways to play them...