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Can Faithless Electors Deny Trump the Presidency?

faithless electors

Faithless electors can still cost Donald Trump the presidency and send Hillary Clinton to the White House in 2017.

Donald Trump was declared the winner of the presidency last Tuesday by surpassing 270 electoral votes, the threshold for victory. While some votes are still being counted, Trump is expected to end up with 306 electoral votes.

But the Electoral College still has to meet to officially cast their votes, and faithless electors might vote for Hillary Clinton instead...

How to Profit No Matter Who Wins Today


This tawdry circus of an election has carved deep scars on the American soul that will persist long after Jan. 20, 2017.

But at least the contest itself is almost over.

The FBI may have closed its investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, and Donald Trump may yet prevail when he answers the troubling lawsuits he faces, but the reputation of virtually every individual and institution touched by this election is ruined - the media, Justice Department, FBI, the candidates, their surrogates and supporters, both political parties, and those holding high office.

As of this morning, the so-called elite political class has disgraced itself on a daily basis for more than a year.

They'll be no help at all. We will be left to pick up the pieces after today.

The markets are finally realizing this, too; they're starting to react to the turbulence ahead, but they are dangerously, shockingly complacent.

So here's what I see happening with your money, whatever the outcome of this farce of democracy will be...