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2016 presidential election

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The One Chart You Need to See Before the Market Opens Today


It's 2 o'clock in the morning as I write, and the winds are howling outside, making it near impossible to sleep. Somehow that's strangely appropriate on election night, especially if you understand the implications of what I want to share with you right now.

But be warned. This isn't for everybody...

...just investors who want to make gobs of money.

How Many Electoral Votes Does Donald Trump Have?

Trump stocks to buy

Election Day 2016 is finally here, and the race is too close to call.

Right now, a key question is how many electoral votes does GOP candidate Donald Trump have?

Here are the states Trump needs to win in order to take the Oval Office...

The Only Investment Decision You Should Make Ahead of the Election


Politicizing your portfolio is one of the worst mistakes you can make... with one exception.

On Election Day, this is the only investment decision you need to make...

Who Will Win the Presidential Election?

Who will win the presidential election

Who will win the presidential election?

Will it be the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton? Or will GOP candidate Donald Trump emerge victorious?

You tell us...

How to Profit No Matter Who Wins Today


This tawdry circus of an election has carved deep scars on the American soul that will persist long after Jan. 20, 2017.

But at least the contest itself is almost over.

The FBI may have closed its investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, and Donald Trump may yet prevail when he answers the troubling lawsuits he faces, but the reputation of virtually every individual and institution touched by this election is ruined - the media, Justice Department, FBI, the candidates, their surrogates and supporters, both political parties, and those holding high office.

As of this morning, the so-called elite political class has disgraced itself on a daily basis for more than a year.

They'll be no help at all. We will be left to pick up the pieces after today.

The markets are finally realizing this, too; they're starting to react to the turbulence ahead, but they are dangerously, shockingly complacent.

So here's what I see happening with your money, whatever the outcome of this farce of democracy will be...

5 Donald Trump Quotes That Show How the Energy Sector Will Change If He Is Elected

President Trump

Donald Trump is proposing some of the biggest - and most controversial - changes to America's energy sector that people have ever seen.

We compiled a list of five quotes from Trump that capture how he envisions changing energy in America if he is elected president.

Why Keith's Post-Election Forecast Is Optimistic

post-election forecast

Markets have had their longest daily skid since 1980.

And Keith's post-election forecast predicts that this will probably happen if Trump wins the election...

The Election Is Weighing on the Markets, but Don't Worry


This election has been kind of unique, and not in a good way. With last week's FBI surprise regarding Hillary's emails, uncertainty is back in the markets.

The S&P 500 has been down for eight consecutive days, which hasn't happened in years. Here's what this means for short-term investors...

Smart Money Bets Ahead of a "Dangerous" Election

No matter who wins election 2016, there are a few smart, short-term bets to make now and profit on the outcome.

Here's what you need to know...

Will Hillary Clinton Win the Election?

Will Hillary Clinton Win the Election

In an election filled with scandal and controversy, Americas are asking, "Will Hillary Clinton Win the Election?"

Here are the biggest factors that will determine Clinton's fate...

What Is the Electoral College?

What is the electoral college

The U.S. uses an Electoral College system - not the popular vote - to elect the president and vice president. But exactly what is the Electoral College?

Here's a quick guide - plus we discuss the good and the bad of this system so you have the facts you need right now before you vote on Nov. 8...

Is the FBI Sitting on a Massive October Surprise for Donald Trump?

October Surprise

The FBI could be withholding an "October Surprise" that would harm GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign ahead of Election Day.

Here's more...

These "Cuba Investments" Could Be Hit Hard After Nov. 8

Cuba investments

These "Cuba investments" could get hit after Nov. 8.

In fact, these companies with exposure to the Pearl of the Antilles may no longer be able to take advantage of improved U.S.-Cuba relations whatsoever...

The Dirty Little Secret Neither Party Wants You to Know About Your Taxes

your taxes

Your taxes are about to suffer from America's national debt problem.

It's no longer a matter of "if" you'll see a tax hike; it's "when" and "by how much"...

Hacker's Latest DNC Leak Exposes Pay-to-Play Nepotism

DNC leak

These latest DNC leaks include more evidence of overt corruption within the committee.

This time, the Obama administration is directly involved...