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Top Profit Plays for a Defensive-Investing Portfolio

Prussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz once said that "the best defense is a good offense." Although that bit of wisdom has been used everywhere from the battlefield to the gridiron, it could just as easily be deployed as part of a "defensive investing" strategy.

And in today's markets - whipsawed by worries emanating from virtually every major market around the globe - a defensive-investing plan needs to include protective stops, inverse funds, high-yielding dividend shares, "sin stocks, and investments in oil and other value-storing commodities," Keith Fitz-Gerald, the best-selling author who is Money Morning's chief investment strategist, said in an interview this week.

With the world markets in flux, Fitz-Gerald sat down with Money Morning Executive Editor William Patalon III to talk about defensive-investing strategies. What follows is the full text of that interview.

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The 50-40-10 Investment Strategy Pays Off in Profits, Protection & Potential

What's more important: Having an investment strategy that performs strongly when the overall market is up, or having an investment strategy that guards against downside risk when the overall market is trending down, while keeping you in the hunt for inflation-beating, long-term profits?

Before you answer, consider the following:

  • If you invested $1,000 in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index in 1950, it would have grown to $613,013 by December 2007.
  • If you had tried to "time" the market and missed the 30 best months in that 57-year period, the value of your initial $1,000 investment would have risen to just $35,404 - a difference of $577,609.
  • But if you tried to time the market and missed the 30 worst months in that time, your $1,000 would have grown to $9,509,094!
That's right - more than $9.5 million! (Obviously the study is a little dated given recent events but the net effect isn't all that different)

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