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Alibaba IPO

Alibaba IPO 2014: Why This Chinese Giant's Value Keeps Rising

When rumors first began swirling last year about an Alibaba IPO, analysts estimated that China's largest e-commerce company could be valued as high as $100 billion.

According to a Reuters poll this month, eight analysts estimated that Alibaba could raise $15 billion through its IPO - at a valuation of $140 billion.

There's a reason why Alibaba's value continues to rise ahead of its IPO.

The e-commerce giant has been busy lately...

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What Is Alibaba?

It's the largest e-commerce company in China, which is the second largest e-commerce market in the world, but for many investors the question remains: "What is Alibaba?"

One answer: It's the largest initial public offering (IPO) hitting the markets as soon as this year. When rumblings of the Alibaba IPO started, it was thought that the company would be valued at $100 billion. Now, that figure has climbed as high as $150 billion.

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Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) Earnings Update: Mayer's Perfect Streak Continues

The honeymoon may be over for Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer. While her streak of beating earnings estimates remained intact, investors focused on problems with the company's core business and promptly punished the stock. Yet Mayer promised that one strategy she has focused on in the past year

will eventually pay off...

Alibaba IPO: China's Largest E-Commerce Company Is Coming to Market

retailers year-end results

Earlier this month the company known as "China's logged sales of $5.7 billion in a single day. That figure is four times the sales of all U.S. retailers on Cyber Monday last year combined. Now that same company is planning an offering of its stock in the United States.

This will be the most important IPO of 2014...

Why China's Is Such a Big Deal For Investors

If you think Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) will do a booming business on Cyber Monday this year, consider that Chinese shoppers will spend more money today with that country's top e-commerce website, Ltd., than American shoppers will spend on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

The reason is that Nov. 11 is China's "Singles Day," a manufactured holiday similar to Valentine's Day in the U.S.

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