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Grab These Driverless Car Stocks to Profit from a $77 Billion Industry

driverless car stocks

Some of the next best tech picks to add to your portfolio will be driverless car stocks.

Growth in driverless car technology has already started – but will really take off over the next 10 to 20 years.

A Boston Consulting Group forecast says the global market for driverless car technology will skyrocket to $42 billion by 2025 and then nearly double to $77 billion by 2035.

And these companies are in the best position to profit from this trend…

The Apple Car: A Source of Growth or a Money Pit? (AAPL)


Apple Inc. certainly has the resources to design, build, and sell an electric Apple Car that would have much of the world salivating.

But the question for investors is whether an Apple Car would help or hurt Apple stock. The company needs new sources of growth, but the auto industry is riddled with challenges.

Here's why, despite the potential, the Apple Car poses a ton of risk...

Apple Car Rumors Suggest AAPL Is Really Doing This


Speculation about a potential Apple car again ran wild over the weekend, sparked by a report in The Guardian that the iPhone-maker had found a place where it could secretly test it.

It's tempting to think a self-driving, all-electric Apple car is in the pipeline. And without a doubt, Apple has the financial resources to pull it off. But strategically, it doesn't make sense.

Here's what AAPL is really working on...