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The Secret to Unlocking Huge Auto-Tech Profits - Today

As a tech investor, I pay a lot of attention to the key trends reshaping our world and setting us up for massive gains.
I've also found that sometimes you can boil down great investment opportunities into a number. In this case its 11.4...the average age of a car on U.S. roads today.
Compared with the new connected car, that's like driving something out of the Flintstones.
See, the connected car is both web and Bluetooth enabled. It's also loaded with complex sensors, sophisticated software, and advanced semiconductors.
This embedded tech ecosystem is one of the big reasons why the industry sold some 15.6 million vehicles last year, in no small part because drivers want their smartphones and cars to stay connected to each other.
Here's the thing. As much as I believe in the connected car, there are many, diverse tech-related ways to cash in on the millions of new vehicles rolling off the assembly lines this year.
The secret to finding the best auto-tech plays is to understand foremost their positioning in this booming sector.
Some companies have arisen on the back of auto-technology, but lack the fundamentals to last...
Others have names as old as the industry itself, yet their technology outpaces much newer, and ostensibly higher-tech, companies...
And then there are some right in-between.
Today, I'll show you three very diverse companies...

Yet for their different niches, they fit our one criterion: Perfectly positioned in the auto-tech sector to deliver market-crushing results...