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New Coinbase Bitcoin Exchange Is the Best One Yet


With virtually no warning save a teaser tweet the day before, the Coinbase Bitcoin Exchange went live yesterday (Monday).

As the first licensed U.S-based Bitcoin exchange, it will help legitimize the digital currency in the eyes of the public as well as the broader financial community. But just as importantly, the Coinbase Bitcoin exchange finally will give U.S. investors a safe, secure, and seamless option for trading Bitcoin.

Coinbase went to extraordinary lengths to ensure the safety of its customers' money...

This Is What the Best Bitcoin Exchange Should Look Like

About a year ago, many in the Bitcoin community saw Mt. Gox as the best Bitcoin exchange, and it certainly was the most popular, with about 80% of the global trading volume.

But after a series of problems and a long decline, Mt. Gox shut down on Monday. So many Bitcoin traders are asking, what's the best Bitcoin exchange now?

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