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Now's Our Chance to Play This Month's Best IPO

upcoming ipos Editor's Note: Normally this intelligence would go to paid-up members of Bill's Private Briefing, but this debut is going to be so big, and the medicine so important, that he wanted to give everyone a chance to tap this $21 billion market. The shares start trading on Thursday, Aug. 6, so there's some time to […]

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The Chrysler IPO Is a Win-Win for Investors

Chrysler LLC has filed for an initial public offering (IPO), returning to publicly traded status after 15 years in the wilderness of global business uncertainty - and the Chrysler IPO comes at a great time for the company and for the whole American auto industry.

You see, not even five years ago, the Big Three were teetering on the edge of destruction and irrelevance, with dismal sales and empty coffers, running losses in the hundreds of millions on products that nobody wanted. The global financial crisis was the last nail in a coffin more than 10 years in the crafting.

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