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Blackberry stock

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Why the BlackBerry Stock Price Is Higher Today (Nasdaq: BBRY)

blackberry stock price

BlackBerry released its latest smartphone on Nov. 6.

The BlackBerry stock price has jumped nearly 6% since Nov. 6, but it wasn't because of its new phone, the BlackBerry Priv.

Read on to discover why the BlackBerry stock price is on the rise and if selling smartphones is still an important part of BlackBerry's bottom line.

Is BlackBerry (Nasdaq: BBRY) Stock Dead Money or a Turnaround in the Making?

blackberry stock

For BBRY stock, the market reaction to today's (Tuesday) missed earnings was a familiar one.

The once high-flying BlackBerry Ltd. (Nasdaq: BBRY) stock slumped about 4% to below $9 a share. In its heyday BlackBerry stock traded at over $100 a share.

Now CEO John Chen is trying to rebuild BlackBerry by focusing on its software business.

But all the smart moves may not be enough...

How to Profit from the Five Scariest Stocks on Wall Street Right Now

how to profit

Most investors focus exclusively on buying stocks in an attempt to capture huge returns. That's too bad, because it means they restrict themselves to half the opportunities available to them.

I bring this up because markets move up AND down, which means there is plenty of profit potential to be had in both directions.

George Soros, for instance, is reported to have made $1 billion in a single trade that famously almost broke the Bank of England in 1992.

John Paulson made billions from the housing crisis when it hit by betting against the grain.

Doug Kass of Seabreeze Partners is famous for bucking conventional wisdom on seemingly mighty companies and laughing all the way to the bank.

That's why shorting is one of the first tactics I shared with you in my Total Wealth publication.

Obviously, shorting stocks isn't for everybody - it takes a lot of guts and more than a little conviction to do it profitably. Not to mention a whole lot of discipline. But done right, it can really boost your profits.

Here's how to profit from the scariest stocks on Wall Street - without owning them...

Stock Market This Week: New Year, New Numbers, New Approach

Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani joined FOX Business' "Cavuto" on Friday to talk about the stock market this week.

Market headlines highlight telecommunications company BlackBerry's (Nasdaq: BBRY) severing of its relationship with recording artist Alicia Keys. BlackBerry hired Keys as creative director last year, but sales tanked - the company recently announced it expects to suffer a $4.4 billion loss for its third quarter of 2014.

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Why BlackBerry (Nasdaq: BBRY) Stock Price Keeps Falling

BlackBerry Ltd. (Nasdaq: BBRY) stock suffered a black eye last week, but now a white knight hopes to turn things around for the company.

BBRY plunged 17% Friday after the company announced it's anticipating a quarterly loss of nearly $1 billion, due largely in part to the failure of the new BlackBerry 10 line of phones. The BB10s were supposed to be the shot in the arm the ailing company needed.

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Don't Bet on a RIM Stock Rally (Nasdaq: RIMM)

On November 30, we told you not to get your hopes up for Research in Motion Ltd. (Nasdaq: RIMM). Today the stock opened 16% lower.

Is There Any Hope for Research in Motion (Nasdaq: RIMM) Stock?

Die hard BlackBerry fans are more worried than ever that Research in Motion (Nasdaq: RIMM) may soon meet its maker.

The recent declines in profit, sales and RIMM stock -- which has plummeted 51% in the past six months -- has sparked mounting anxieties that the end for Research in Motion is imminent.

Speaking to these fears, RIM's new Chief Executive Officer, Thorsten Heins, vowed yesterday (Tuesday) that he will lead a turnaround for the beleaguered company, starting with a successful 2013 launch of its next-generation BlackBerry 10 phones.

Like a preacher on a pulpit, Heins maintained in an address to besieged shareholders that he would convert RIM into a "lean, mean, hunting machine."

"I have assembled a leadership team for RIM that's truly capable of taking us into the future," Heins promised.

BlackBerry fanatics, who helped coin the catch phrase "CrackBerry" to refer to their "addiction" to the iconic mobile phones, are pleading for RIM to make it - but it may be too late.

"If RIM continues to be run as it is, we believe that the company will eventually fail," wrote Nomura analyst Stuart Jeffrey in a June note to clients.

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