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Carl Icahn

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Carl Icahn's Investments Just Got a Presidential Boost

Carl Icahn’s Investments

On Dec. 22, 2016, Carl Icahn's investments made him $510 million - more than anyone else that day, according to Forbes.

The reason? News broke of a historically cozy relationship between the billionaire investor and the now POTUS.

In this case, one that is able to get Icahn millions more in profit...

Carl Icahn Stocks: Why the Billionaire Just Added to These Positions

Carl Icahn stocks are in focus today as the activist continues to add to his positions in several major firms. Here’s what he’s buying today and why.

Carl Icahn stocks are back in focus today after the activist investor announced several major new purchases.

Icahn announced a plan to purchase the auto-parts company Pep Boys-Manny Moe and Jack (NYSE: PBY) today for $837 million.

But that's not the only move he's making. Here are the latest Carl Icahn stocks...

These Carl Icahn Holdings Show Us How He Picks His Stocks


How do activist investors pick their targets?

It's a question a lot of investors will have after the string of new positions activist investors have taken in big-name stocks.

For instance, the Carl Icahn holdings now include Xerox Corp. (NYSE: XRX), he disclosed yesterday (Tuesday). It's more and more likely an activist investor will go after a stock you own.

Here's what activist investors look for when choosing their targets...

Will Carl Icahn Buy Twitter?

Even though he's denied interest, TWTR shareholders want to believe in the Carl Icahn Twitter rumors.

Twitter stock is down almost 40% on the year, and many investors worry that CEO Jack Dorsey will be too distracted running Square Inc. to revive Twitter.

Read on to find out if Twitter could be a target for Icahn down the road, or if the activist investor truly has no interest in TWTR stock...

List of Carl Icahn Holdings Loaded with Stocks You May Own


A look at the Carl Icahn holdings shows that, like a lot of other top activist investors, he likes name-brand stocks.

That means the odds are good that a stock you own are among the Carl Icahn holdings.

Here's what it means when an activist investor like Carl Icahn takes a position in a stock you own...

For the Likes of Nelson Peltz and Carl Icahn, the Targets Are Getting Bigger

No company is immune from activist investors. That point was hammered home anew when Nelson Peltz announced Monday he'd bought $2.5 billion of General Electric (NYSE: GE) stock, making him a top 10 shareholder.

Every year, more household names are targeted, including many widely held stocks.

Here's what to do when a stock you own lands in the crosshairs of a Nelson Peltz...

Should You Invest Like Carl Icahn and Other Activist Investors?

carl icahn

Many investors would like to be able to get a piece of the success that activist investors like Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman enjoy.

Over the past decade, activist-run funds have returned nearly 267% - more than double that of the Standard & Poor's 500 index.

In the following video, Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani explains how activist investors like Carl Icahn operate -- and whether investors should piggyback on their moves...

Read More…

Apple Stock Price Looks Appealing to Carl Icahn (AAPL)

Carl Icahn

Having fallen more than 10% since late July, the Apple stock price just may be ripe for more buying, according to activist investor Carl Icahn.

“Apple, even in a bear market – it may get hurt, it may go down – but I think Apple is still ridiculously underpriced,” Icahn said in a CNBC interview Wednesday.

Here's why Icahn is so convinced AAPL stock is a good buy - and why he's right...

How the Carl Icahn Report Legitimizes Donald Trump's Tax Plan


The Carl Icahn report on income inequality obtained by Yahoo! Finance this week contained several pointed criticisms of the U.S. tax system.

Sound familiar? It should...

The report reads like a supplementary document to Donald Trump's tax plan released the same day - a sure boost for the GOP front-runner...

Why Carl Icahn Just Invested in Cheniere (NYSE: LNG) Stock

Cheniere Energy

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn reported late Thursday that he has amassed an 8.18% activist stake in Cheniere Energy Inc. (NYSEMKT: LNG) stock. Icahn maintains that LNG stock is undervalued

Icahn plans to speak to the company's board about operations, capital expenditures, financings, and executive compensations.

But Icahn's interest isn't just about cost cutting. Keep reading to see what has Icahn so interested in the natural gas company....

Three Reasons Why Carl Icahn Is Wrong About Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL)

Q4 aapl earnings

We love Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) just as much as the next savvy investor... perhaps even more. We've long been invested in the innovative company, and we use its products day in and day out.

But last week, activist investor Carl Icahn made waves by stating Apple shares are worth $240... right now.

Here are three reasons why he's wrong. Trust us, you'll be glad you didn't listen to him once you know why...

Will CHK Stock Price Get Boosted by Icahn?

chk stock price

Chesapeake Energy Corp.'s (NYSE: CHK) stock has fallen 39.5% in the last year amid quarter-over-quarter earnings losses.

For billionaire investor Carl Icahn, it's the perfect opportunity to increase his stake at a discount.

Here's how you can benefit from Icahn's strategy, regardless of how CHK stock performs...

U.S. Stock Market Futures Sinking Friday on These Top Stories

Stock market news, October 10, 2014: This morning (Friday), U.S. stock market futures were down, as global stocks continued their selloff. The same forces fueled yesterday's 334-point loss for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Global stocks slipped to a six-month low, causing volatility to surge, and the S&P Volatility Index (VIX) - the market's fear gauge - soared 25%.
Meanwhile, Brent crude - the global benchmark set in London - slipped to its lowest level since 2010.

Here are the top stories affecting the stock market today…

This New Apple Stock Strategy Is a Tweak to the Carl Icahn Playbook

It's one thing to be optimistic about a stock, but activist investor Carl Icahn's letter to Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) CEO Tim Cook tries to make the case that Apple stock is worth double its current price today.

The letter, released today (Thursday) following a teaser tweet the night before, is Icahn's second push to get Apple to use a major portion of its $133 billion in cash for stock buybacks.

But there's more to Icahn's game this time than simply increasing stock buybacks.

This veteran activist investor is as cunning as ever...

Dow Jones Today Driven By EBAY and Ebola Scare

Dow Jones Today

Dow Jones today, October 1, 2014: The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 28 points Tuesday as both domestic and global data stamped out gains fueled by increased spin-off and merger activity.

According to reports, U.S. consumer confidence slipped in September for the first time in five months, while annual home prices growth crawled in July to its slowest pace in two years, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller home price index. On the manufacturing front, the Chicago PMI showed a positive reading in September; however, growth has been fueled by rising inventories, which are climbing at their fastest pace in 41 years.

Here's what else you should know to make your Wednesday profitable: