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Five Ways to Profit as Coffee Prices Soar

Coffee prices have zoomed over 54% in the last year, including 44% since June alone. Retired hedge-fund manager sees the potential for coffee prices to soar another 30%. Find out how to profit in this free report.

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Surging Coffee Prices Trigger Consumer Pain, Investor Gain

Starbucks Corp. (Nasdaq: SBUX) has announced that it will charge more for many of its drinks to compensate for surging coffee prices, which have climbed to their highest level in 13.

The famous coffee chain announced Wednesday it would make "targeted price adjustments on certain beverages in certain markets," according to a press release on its Web site.

Starbucks said it tried to hold off on the change, but the continuing climb of green Arabica coffee bean prices - along with the costs of sugar and cocoa - forced the company to offset rising expenses.

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Five Ways to Profit as Coffee Prices Soar

If you're anything like me, you can't resist stopping in for a "cup of Joe" every morning. If so, you're probably also like me in that you're experiencing a bit of pain in the wallet right now, given the steady increase in coffee prices we've see over the last year (and especially in the last few months).

If you want physical proof that we're operating in a truly global economy these days, just look at how these three factors have creamed your coffee budget:

  • Lousy weather in Latin America is threatening a big chunk of the worldwide coffee crop.
  • U.S. coffee stockpiles are reportedly at a 10-year low.
  • And Vietnam and Brazil - two of the world's Top 3 exporters - are scheming to hoard their stockpiles.
Little wonder coffee prices are at 13-year highs, and coffee futures have zoomed 44% since June.
Expect the trend to continue.

This may be bad news for your pocketbook - but it's great news for your portfolio. Coffee prices are going to rocket another 30% from here.

And with the strategy we're about to show you, this run-up in prices will be truly good 'til the last drop.

To learn more about how to profit from the global bull run in coffee, please read on...

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During the Hottest Summer in Years, it's Time to Start Pursuing Cold Weather Profits

Take our word for it: Even though much of the nation has experienced record high temperatures this month, it'll be plenty chilly before you know it - and if you want some hot profits to warm you up come January, you'd be smart to think "winter" in August.

No, we haven't been sneaking refreshments from a St. Bernard's K9 cask: The reality is that a lot of companies that specialize in cold-weather products are stuck in the summer doldrums right now, meaning their share prices are in the cellar.

But, when rising winter demand ramps up their sales and profits, those stock prices will likely march higher, right along with your monthly heating bills.

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