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New Coinbase Bitcoin Exchange Is the Best One Yet


With virtually no warning save a teaser tweet the day before, the Coinbase Bitcoin Exchange went live yesterday (Monday).

As the first licensed U.S-based Bitcoin exchange, it will help legitimize the digital currency in the eyes of the public as well as the broader financial community. But just as importantly, the Coinbase Bitcoin exchange finally will give U.S. investors a safe, secure, and seamless option for trading Bitcoin.

Coinbase went to extraordinary lengths to ensure the safety of its customers' money...

The Media Missed the Real High-Profit Story in the PayPal Spin-Off

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The headlines were filled with the news last week about eBay's plan to spin off its PayPal unit as a publicly traded company in 2015.

Coverage points to a similar obvious fact: That the spin-off comes months after a highly publicized suggestion by Carl Icahn that was brushed off.

To be clear, I'm a big believer in this spin-off, for a number of reasons.

But the truth is, the really big story here - and all the profits that will come with it - was missed. Until now... Full Story

Why the PayPal Spin-Off Is Great News for Bitcoin

PayPal spin-off

The mainstream financial media is all over the big news this week regarding the eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY) plan for a PayPal spin-off into a separate publicly traded company next year.

But there's an angle to the story that almost no one has taken the time to mention - the PayPal spin-off is great news for Bitcoin.

Several of PayPal's recent moves are a sign the digital payments world is getting hotter by the minute.

Here's how the PayPal spin-off will help Bitcoin...