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Brazil Wins Eight-Year Battle Against U.S. Cotton Subsidies After Threatening Sanctions

The United States and Brazil yesterday (Tuesday) announced a trade agreement to end their long-standing dispute about U.S. cotton subsidies. The countries reached the deal one day before Brazil was to impose up to $830 million in sanctions authorized by the World Trade Organization (WTO). The United States will give $147.3 million in assistance to […]

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The Scramble for Africa: Profiting From World's Largest Cache of Commodities

In the quarter century stretching from the late-1880s to the First World War, there was a mad rush by the world's leading powers to occupy and annex African territory. Now, 100 years later, the world's elite again are scrambling to make their respective marks on the continent.

The methods of extraction have changed, but the end goal remains the same - to gain access to Africa's coveted bounty of commodities.

Most notably, Chinese interests have swarmed Africa, constructing roads, rail lines, municipal buildings, schools, ports, and pipelines in exchange for access to natural resources.

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Two Ways to Profit From Wall Street's "Soft Commodity" – Cotton

Some of the best investment opportunities can happen simply by ignoring the Wall Street herd and venturing onto the road less traveled.

Take such traditional "breakfast club" commodities as sugar, cocoa, coffee and orange juice. They all enjoyed a great year, despite bearish forecasts of doom and gloom. Sugar and cocoa even traded at multi-decade highs.

Similarly, cotton got a bad rap going into 2009, though it motored into the end of the year with a tidy profit, rising on the standard laws of supply and demand.

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