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Cybersecurity Stocks Back in Focus on This Major New Defense Threat

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The web browser you've been using has a major security flaw and it could allow hackers to read or alter "secure" communications, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

While the news is alarming, it also reinforces one of our favorite profit plays of 2015: cybersecurity stocks. Every time a new cybersecurity threat is discovered, cybersecurity stocks get another "Buy" signal.

This flaw is called "LogJam." Here's how it works...

Cybersecurity Stocks a Top Pick for 2015 - Here's Where to Start

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Cybersecurity stocks just got a huge "buy" sign this week from Washington...

When U.S. President Barack Obama delivered his budget proposal Monday, he called for a $14 billion to boost cybersecurity efforts. The Pentagon alone has requested $5.5 billion in funding for cyber defense.

While the budget will be picked apart by republicans, cybersecurity spending is one area that will remain a priority for both parties.

Here's the major profit opportunity cybersecurity stocks are seeing in 2015...