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earnings season

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You Won't Believe What Wall Street Gets Away with During Earnings Season

meltdown indicator

When it comes to earnings, everyone on Wall Street is playing a game with your money. It's called "hide the earnings" - and it's totally legal.

Here's how the Street gets away with it - and what it means for your investments...

How to Make Profitable Earnings Season Trades Every Time

earnings season

When you're trading options, getting on the "right side" of the trade simply means going long with calls on a stock that's going up, and short with puts on a stock that's headed down.

But earnings season really increases the stakes and the intensity of trading. Options premiums can fluctuate widely going into an earnings announcement, and things can get really interesting once the announcement is made, gapping up if the results are favorable, and down if they aren't.

Figuring out where these stocks will go so you can trade the appropriate options contracts would be one of trading's biggest challenges...

...if you had to concern yourself with it at all.

Today, I'm going to make it all easier for you, and show you how you can make money without having to guess where the stock is going after earnings announcements.

Trading doesn't get much easier than that, and earnings season is just about to get into full swing, so you'll be able to make some serious money over the next few weeks.

Let's get started...

How to Scan Earnings Season and Nail Your Next Payout

earnings season

Some experts call earnings season overrated, but each new season brings big opportunities for options traders.

And with firms preparing to report their latest financials, traders need to act fast in order to seize big profits - and avoid even bigger losses.

Here's what to watch for...

Avoid the Biggest Mistake Traders Make with This Investing Tip

investing tip

There's no point in spending your money on a trade if you don't know how well a company is doing. And just because a company may seem like it's "too big to fail" doesn't mean it can't.

No matter how large and popular a business may seem, it simply cannot survive if its growth is dwindling or stagnant.

This investing tip is key to weeding those that are dying from those that are thriving. You'll want to read this before it's too late...

For Investors, Six Weeks from Now Is Crucial

Financial data analysts at FactSet believe that six weeks from now, thanks to this one catalyst, stock prices - and your portfolio - could see a nice pop.

And this trend will bode especially well for tech investors, meaning this is no time to leave the markets. Here's what to watch for...

This Quarter's Biggest Earnings Takeaway Tells Us to Invest Here


A theme so far this earnings season is U.S. companies warning of an economic slowdown. With about half of the S&P 500 companies having reported already, many are citing protracted declines in production, sales, and employment that will track into 2016.

The press is treating this as a surprise, yet I'm hard-pressed to understand how...

We've been talking about the decline in revenue and earnings for more than a year and prepared accordingly. I've shown readers how to move your money into the best quality companies and simultaneously tighten up your risk management controls - often at a profit.

Just take a look at these numbers - plus I'll give you two stocks that will help your portfolio thrive in a slowing earnings environment...

Q3 Earnings Probably Won't Save the Stock Market, but We'll Make a Killing on Them

tom hostage priceline

Investors looking for Q3 earnings to ride in and save the stock market could end up disappointed, but there's a profitable earnings-season trade shaping up nicely for us...

I've got the data that reveals the likely answer for you. It's also drawing out some juicy profit opportunities for the fast-approaching earnings season...

Why Earnings Season Is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year for Traders Like Us

Chipotle earnings

If you've traded for more than a few months, you've seen how earnings season can really move share prices - in both directions.

If you hold, say, a blue chip and it hits on earnings, you can book some nice single- or double-digit gains. Or, if there's a miss, you might take a loss.

In fact, earnings season trading is one of the most volatile strategies you can use. It's not for the faint-hearted.

So, let's "scout" my earnings chart to see exactly where our next winning trade is...

Stock Earnings Calendar This Week Features Big Banks

stock earnings calendar

Earnings season is kicking into high gear. Five of the country's biggest banks and a key multinational conglomerate top the stock earnings calendar this week.

The bunch will set the tone for the remaining Q1 2015 earnings period. And so far, expectations are muted at best.

But with earnings expectations so low, many companies could surprise to the upside.

Here's a look at six key earnings reports this week.

What Earnings Recession 2015 Means for Your Stocks

Earnings Recession

Earnings season unofficially begins on Wednesday, April 8, when Alcoa Inc. (NYSE: AA) reports Q1 earnings after the bell.

Now, most Wall Street prognosticators are bearish this earnings season. Countless headlines of “earnings recession 2015” have caused retail investors to wonder if they should exit the markets.

An “earnings recession” happens when earnings results decline for two consecutive quarters on a year-over-year basis.

It’s true, earnings are expected to disappoint across the board this quarter.

But this is not the time to flee the markets…

Three Earnings Season "Tells" You Need to See (and What They Say Now)

earnings season

We're in the middle of the first earnings season of 2015 and investors are anxious and confused. But Wall Street likes it that way.

The more confused you are, the more profitable they are. Investors who chase innuendo tend to trade more.

But it's not a waste of your time if you sort out the information that actually matters. Here's how...

Upcoming Earnings Reports to Watch This Week

upcoming earnings reports

This week's upcoming earnings reports include some big names, making Q4 earnings season a hot one right out of the gate.

Among the group are four tech giants, a consumer goods corporation, and an automaker.

Here's a look at six companies on this week's earnings calendar and what to expect before the numbers come out...

Four Stocks to Watch as Tech Earnings Season Begins

This earnings season will be awash in fascinating storylines from corporate America, and the technology earnings season will no doubt weave the most interesting of narratives.

That's because tech has been on a roll for the third quarter.

Here are the four stocks to watch as tech unveils one of its most important quarters…

Alcoa (NYSE: AA) Earnings Beat Boosts Stock, but Don't Expect the Same from the Sector

Alcoa Inc. (NYSE: AA) earnings solidly beat analyst expectations to kick off the season, but don't get too excited.

Often regarded as a bellwether and tone setter for earnings season, AA's positive financial results are not going to permeate throughout the basic materials sector, which is likely to see trouble this quarter at the hands of falling commodity prices.

But AA has a luxury that many of these producers don’t have, making it the exception, not the rule.

Dow Jones Today Readies for Start of Earnings Season

Dow Jones today, October 9, 2014:The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared 274 points Wednesday following the Federal Open Market Committee's release of its September meeting minutes. According to the minutes, many Fed officials took a dovish approach in conversation and are seeking a new way to convince others that they are not prepared to raise interest rates according to the previous timeline.

Yesterday marked the unofficial start to the September-quarter earnings season, when global aluminum giant Alcoa Inc. (NYSE: AA) announced it beat quarterly result estimates.

Here’s what else you should know to make your Thursday profitable: