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This Options Trade Breaks One of My Biggest Rules... and It Could Double Your Money by Spring

As we near the holidays Chris Johnson's breaking one of his biggest rules this time of year: Don't trade retail this close to Christmas.

But if the technical indicators he's seeing right now are right, this isn't just a Christmas profit play; it could double your money by spring 2021..

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How to Trade This Fast-Food Spin-Off for Triple-Digit Profits

As the world anxiously awaits a vaccine to free us from the COVID-19 pandemic, we're all in desperate need of two things: convenience and comfort food.

Well this options trade recommendation is tapped into demand for both of those things, and if the technical indicators surrounding this stock are right, we could be on the cusp of a major breakout.


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This Fintech Stock Could Hand You Fast Profits over the Holidays

As Black Friday prepares to kick off an almost entirely online holiday shopping season, this digital payment platform could hand you triple-digit gains.

Between Christmas shopping, COVID-19, and overwhelming support for small businesses, this stock is smack in the middle of the perfect storm of money making catalysts.

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An Options Play to Bag Fast Profits on Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

As the U.S. transitions power from one POTUS to another, one of the biggest changes the Biden administration will be rolling out is a $7 trillion green infrastructure bill, investing updating public resources and investing in environmentally friendly alternatives.

To cash in on the shifting policy, Chris Johnson's recommending an options play on responsibly sourced cement manufacturer, a stock practically guaranteed to skyrocket in Biden's new infrastructure economy.

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Telehealth for Pets: It's a Thing, and It's About to Send This Stock Flying

The talking heads of Finance Media can't stop talking about the election, but that isn't the only thing driving stocks right now...

According to Chris Johnson, this online pet retailer is poised for a breakout after launching a new telehealth service for pets.

And with a "buy the dip" bullish trend underway, and an earnings report just around the corner, this could be one of our biggest profit plays yet.

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Grab Fast Profits on the Looming Bank Stock Collapse

Bank stocks have been on a nice run, but they're running on empty now..

There's not much on the horizon to keep this rally going.

That means now is the perfect time to play the looming fall.

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Analyst Upgrades Are "Driving" This Options Trade Through the Roof

This online car buying platform was already on the rise after a projected earnings beat and two analysts upgrades..

But now that hopes for a new stimulus deal are reigniting on Capitol Hill, Chris Johnson expects Americans to swarm towards this company, checks in hand.

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This Luxury Retail Options Trade Could Double Your Money over the Holiday Season

It's no secret, online shopping was already becoming the norm, outmoding brick-and-mortar setups everywhere.

But with a second wave of COVID-19 on our doorstep and the holidays around the corner, e-commerce is about to run the retail universe.

And for this high-end fashion stock, this could mean a money-doubling payday by New Years...

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The Best Call and Put Options to Buy Today

As we near election season, Chris Johnson has recommended an options play to cash in on one topic gaining traction in both the stock market and Big Media: clean energy.

And as a bonus, he's offered a second recommendation on a bearish trend emerging in the entertainment sector.


This Supercharged Tech Stock Checks All the "Fast Profits" Boxes

This tech stock is checking all of Chris Johnson's boxes when it comes to the best stock to trade this earnings season...

As companies everywhere settle into a post-COVID virtual reality, this company could be a leading provider of tech solutions.

They just crushed earnings expectations for the fourth quarter in a row, and according to Chris, the profit potential won't stop there.

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