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How to Limit Your Risk in an Unforgiving Market

In today's unforgiving market, you need every advantage at your disposal.

That's why Chris Johnson is giving away this limit-order trade, so you can set your own price even when stocks are out of control.

It's powered by the ever-growing number home offices, but this stock will keep climbing long after COVID-19 is gone.

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Wednesday Stock Market Update: What to Do as Stocks Keep Falling

This market crash has been a long time coming, and it won't stop here.

Chris Johnson is calling for another 18-20% decline over the next few months.

Today, he's breaking down the market climate, explaining where we are, where we're going, and how YOU can get there safely.

And he's offering two trade recommendations to combat the current stock market devastation.


This “Quarantine Profit Play” Can Lock In Fast Profits on COVID-19’s Upside

This week the markets are taking a beating after geopolitical tensions and oil price wars added to the COVID-19 economic wreckage.

But there are still plenty of opportunities to make money in this uncertain market.

In fact, the last time Chris Johnson joined us on Fast Profits, he offered a trade recommendation that is now sitting on a peak gain of 400%.

And today, he's offering another potential "grand slam" - a way to profit on the rising number of coronavirus quarantines...

How to Bank Fast Profits on the Treasury's Tumble

This options play is your low-risk ticket to cashing in on the U.S. government's lack of COVID-19 strategy.

Investors everywhere don't know how to make sense of the market after the Fed cut interest rates another 0.5%.

But you don't need to join the wild goose chase, as long as you have this "rules based" profit play on your side...

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Institutional Traders Have Just Signaled Your Next Fast Profits Payday

Today's Fast Profits trade is backed by a signal more powerful than any headline.

A huge technical indicator says this stock could skyrocket by March 20th.

Special guest contributor Andrew Keene is giving away this easy way to double your money on a up-and-coming Chinese e-commerce platform.

The last time he made a trade like this, readers walked away with a 400% windfall...

Leverage This Stock's Price Move into Your Next Double

When a stock looks to bounce higher, you can buy it. You can also leverage that move into an even bigger gain. That’s what we’ll show you today.

This stock is ready to climb. It’s oversold, and the smart money is starting to move back in.

Buying now, and using this trade recommendation, can get you fast profits as these shares rise.