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GOP Spending Cuts Fuel Readers' Federal Debt Debate

Proposals for how to fix the U.S. government's spiraling federal budget deficit have led to little more than political gridlock and public frustration.

But House Republicans aimed to make progress last week. They released an ambitious 2012 budget plan on April 5, setting the stage for heated debate with Democrats over the best way to pull America out of its debt hole.

House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul D. Ryan, R-WI, said the GOP's main goal is to avoid the national debt crisis America is headed toward.

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Are You Worried About a U.S. Government Shutdown?

Washington for months has been tangled in a messy political debate over the federal budget. The newest deadline to reach a budget deal - April 8 - is just days away.

The phrase "government shutdown" is being used with increasing frequency.

Temporary funding measures have kept the government running this year as U.S. lawmakers repeatedly extended the final budget deadline. An end to negotiations is still nowhere in sight - stoking the shutdown discussions.

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Grading the Deficit Commission: Although New Proposal Cuts Billions in Federal Spending, The Shortfall Remains

The two leaders of U.S. President Barack Obama's Deficit Commission Wednesday produced a proposal for deficit cuts that slaughtered a lot of budgetary "sacred cows" and cut $3.8 trillion off the deficit over the next 10 years.

And the cuts were even made in just the right ratio – with $3 of spending cuts for every $1 of tax increases.

But if there was ever a proposal that exemplified that saying "the devil is in the details," this surely is it – for everyone will find something in here that they hate.

Let's take a look at the bits that I hate – after which I'll point out the proposal's strong points, before giving the commission leaders my final grade for their work.

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