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    If you spend any amount of time reading investment commentary you've probably come across the term "Apple-heads" to describe the legion of consumers who religiously purchase Apple products (of which I am one, by the way).

    Well, today, I'm going to coin a new phrase: Amazombie!

    Personally, I think Amazombie should be added to Webster's with the following definition...

    Amazombie: Any individual investor or institutional investor who: 1) Extols the virtues of value investing made famous by Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett 2) Yet still buys Amazon stock, regardless of the fact the stock trades well beyond conventional valuations associated with value investing.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Amazon is a bad trade (from a trader's perspective) - heck, people have made a fortune investing in Amazon off its November, 2008 lows - but as a long-term investment I think the days of its stock gaining 100% annually are long gone.

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