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Why the 'Big Money' Still Believes in Auto Stocks

U.S. auto sales were up big in 2014 and are expected to stay strong in 2015:

Oil prices have collapsed and are expected to stay low, fueling demand for pickup trucks, SUVs and RVs...

The average age of the U.S. auto fleet is at a record high 11.4 years while the average age of a full-size pickup truck is an even older 12.5 years according to industry analysts Polk....

Auto financing is readily available...

Indeed, all the signs of a boom time for the American auto industry appear aligned, yet auto stocks are trading at depressed values compared to the rest of the stock market.

Are auto stocks ripe to buy, or are they simply an investor's value trap? Here's the real answer...

2015 Could Be Ford's Best Year Ever

I've always been a "car guy."

Back in my high-school, college, and twentysomething years, the term was "motorhead."

I liked to soup up cars, did a bit of drag racing, and restored several antiques and classics with my Dad.

So I know cars.

And as I told Private Briefing readers in a column a few weeks back, I also
know Ford.

I've been following the brand, and Ford Motor Company itself, since my teen years. And I really stepped up my focus on the company - as an investment - when I became a journalist in the mid-1980s.

Late last month, I predicted that Ford would be one of the best stocks for 2015.

And a report that I came across yesterday bolstered my belief in my forecast.

Let's take a look...

Buy, Sell or Hold Pairs Trade: Why it's Time to Sell Fiat SpA (Pink ADR: FIATY) and Buy Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F)

With all that's happening in Europe right now - not to mention economic expectations and consumer-spending trends both overseas and here in the United States - I find that we have an interesting "pairs trade" available to us.

And the trade that I'm talking about is to have investors sell Fiat SpA (Pink ADR: FIATY) and buy Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F).

The inspiration for this trade stems from an experience I had as a teenager.

Indeed, it's been more than 25 years since the story I'm about to relate took place, but the memories are so vivid that they're never far from my thoughts.

Neither are the lessons I learned - which is fortuitous, since those lessons are especially applicable in today's unforgiving financial markets.

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Hot Stocks: Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) Takes Pole Position Among Automakers

Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) yesterday (Tuesday) furthered its lead among U.S. automakers, reporting record-breaking third-quarter profits.

The world's most profitable automaker reported record third-quarter net income of $1.69 billion, up 68% over the same period a year ago. The company also said it is paying down debt faster than planned as new models boost its U.S. market share.

Excluding some items, profit was 48 cents a share, beating the 38-cent average of 12 analysts' estimates compiled by Bloomberg. By comparison, the automaker recorded income of $997 million in last year's third quarter and adjusted per-share profit of 26 cents.

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Toyota Racks Up Recalls as Automakers Adopt More Proactive Safety Stance

Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE ADR: TM) added another set of recalls yesterday (Thursday) to its rocky year.

Toyota announced it needed to repair 1.66 million autos worldwide for brake-fluid leak issues. The newest development brings the total number of Toyota vehicles recalled worldwide in the past year to about 14 million. 

The company said it needed to fix rubber seals on about 740,000 vehicles in the United States and 599,000 in Japan, as well as some models in European markets, including Avalon and Lexus sedans and Highlander sport-utility vehicles. A small amount of brake fluid was able to leak from the master cylinder and gradually reduce braking performance and cause a "spongy" feeling in the brakes, according to a company spokesman. Cars affected have had factory-filled brake fluid replaced with brake fluid that is not "genuine" factory fluid.

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GM's IPO Filing Reveals Challenges That Could Discourage Investors 

When General Motors Co. filed registration papers for an initial public stock offering (IPO) on Wednesday, it also revealed the formidable challenges it faces - some of which may give pause to investors considering taking a stake in the venerable automaker. The 734-page document GM filed with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) paints a picture […]

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