Ford stock 2015

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    I've always been a "car guy."

    Back in my high-school, college, and twentysomething years, the term was "motorhead."

    I liked to soup up cars, did a bit of drag racing, and restored several antiques and classics with my Dad.

    So I know cars.

    And as I told Private Briefing readers in a column a few weeks back, I also
    know Ford.

    I've been following the brand, and Ford Motor Company itself, since my teen years. And I really stepped up my focus on the company - as an investment - when I became a journalist in the mid-1980s.

    Late last month, I predicted that Ford would be one of the best stocks for 2015.

    And a report that I came across yesterday bolstered my belief in my forecast.

    Let's take a look...

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