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Are 'Pure-Play' ETFs a Shrewd Investment - Or a Risk Not Worth Taking?

They're called "pure-play" exchange-traded funds (ETFs). And they're the latest rage in the ETF sector.

But are they too much of a risk?

According to Dictionary.com, a mutual fund is an investment company "that gives small investors access to a well-diversified portfolio of equities, bonds and other securities," professionally managed to "match the objective stated in the (fund's) prospectus."

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How to Profit As Copper Becomes the "New Gold"

Copper is a key metal that keeps the world economy humming. Used in art and industry, copper consumption has grown by 4% a year since 1900. But, for some reason, everyone in the world still prefers gold. Read this report to discover why copper may become the "new gold" for investors. And, find out the best ways to profit from copper's rise.

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Five Ways to Ride the Commodities Bull

The commodities bull has already run a long way and the "pundits" are saying the boom is over. Don't believe it for a minute. As long as central banks keep interest rates low, the commodities boom will continue. Read this report for five ways to make money on skyrocketing commodities prices.

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