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gold stocks

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The 4 Best Gold Stocks to Buy Now – One's Up 200% in 2016

Gold Prices

Gold is by far one of the best-performing asset classes this year, and our four gold stocks to buy are crushing the markets.

With more gains ahead for gold, all still have more market-beating gains ahead.

Here's why...

The 4 Best Gold Stocks to Buy Now in June 2016

gold stocks

With gold prices up 18.82% year to date and heading higher, we've got the four best gold stocks to buy now in June 2016.

All have posted impressive year-to-date gains yet have more room to run.

Here are the four best gold stocks to buy now...

Another Gold ETF Pick Is Headed for a Double

gold ETFs

Six months following Michael Lewitt's initial recommendation to buy these gold ETFs, all four are up by double digits - including one triple-digit winner.

If you followed along, you're sitting on a pretty profit. That's worth an update and some new targets. Here's what to expect next...

The Best Gold ETF to Buy Now as Prices Soar in 2016

Gold ETF

Gold prices continue to outperform the broader market this year, prompting investors to search for the best gold ETF to buy now as prices soar further in 2016.

We've found it...

Here's our favorite gold ETF to buy now...

The Best Gold Stocks to Buy Now as Prices Soar in 2016

Gold stocks

After their best quarter in three decades in Q1, gold prices continue to outperform.

That's why we are again featuring the best gold stocks to buy now as prices soar in 2016.

All have logged meteoric year-to-date advances and are poised for more gains...

The Best Gold Stocks to Buy in 2016

Gold stocks

Gold finished up the first quarter of 2016 with a 16.1% gain - its biggest jump in three decades.

With signs pointing to more gains ahead for gold, we turned to Peter Krauth, our Resource Investing Specialist, to share with us the best gold stocks to buy for 2016.

These four gold stocks already boast sizzling gains year to date - and there's more upside ahead...

The Easiest Way to Invest in Gold as Prices Climb in 2016

Gold Prices

While global stocks faced a volatile and mostly down first quarter, gold prices glistened.

Gold's stellar Q1 gains left many investors asking us for the easiest way to invest in gold.

Here's how...

The Best Gold ETF to Buy for Market-Beating Gains in 2016

Gold ETF

Gold prices are up 16.53% year to date, and we see prices heading higher.

Gold prices rose $15.70 Tuesday amid dovish comments from the Fed, which will support prices in the long term.

And we've pinpointed the best gold ETF to buy now to profit from gold's 2016 rally...

The 3 Biggest Reasons Gold Stocks Are a Buy in 2016

Gold Stocks

Gold stocks have outperformed the market throughout 2016 as gold prices keep climbing. And according to Money Morning Resource Investing Specialist Peter Krauth, there are three major reasons gold stocks remain a buy for the rest of 2016.

First, here's how gold prices have been trending this year...

Why This Gold Stock Is Doing Even Better Than the Metal

gold prices

There's no doubt the world is in a profound bear market these days.

But there's always a bull market somewhere, and right now, utilities, cash, and treasuries are doing very well.

Gold, too, has had some time in the sun lately, but gold stocks are the absolute best of them all. Here's why...

The Best Gold ETF to Buy in 2016 When Prices Rebound


Buying into a gold ETF is one of our top recommendations for 2016, as Money Morning experts remain extremely bullish on gold prices.

And now is a great time to buy into a gold ETF, as Money Morning Resource Investing Specialist Peter Krauth says gold prices are set to soar in 2016...

The Best Market Crash "Insurance" You Can Buy


Now is a very good idea to be buying gold. Right now... before the Super Crash.

Gold is key because it offers protection against both inflation and deflation. It is one of the few assets to do that. It's market crash insurance.

It's surprising how few investors get this, because it's really not complicated. But it'll click for you today in five minutes...

Gold Stocks Break Out of Slump – and This Rally Looks Stronger

bullish gold

The Fed did gold stocks a big favor on Sept. 17 in not raising interest rates. This sector has been mired in a correction since late 2011, but signs increasingly suggest that's coming to an end.

The action in recent months has been encouraging, leading savvy investors to examine, or re-examine, gold stocks as one of the few values the market still has to offer.

Here's what we see...

Gold Price Forecast Sees Rise Before 2016 – Check Out the Charts

gold forecast

Interest rates are an important factor in the gold price forecast, so it's a good time to get an update on the yellow metal since the Sept. 17 Fed meeting pushed a rate hike down the road.

Rates affect gold investing because gold, which offers no yield, competes with interest from bonds and dividends from stocks.

Here's what the yellow metal's behavior leading up to and right after the Fed decision tells us about where gold prices are headed next...

How to Buy Gold While Prices Are Still Low


Current prices offer one of the best chances to buy gold we've seen in a decade. And with governments around the world printing money to support their flailing economies and stock market volatility surging, there's no shortage of reasons to own gold.

But not all gold is created equal - and the same applies to gold investments.

Here are the most crucial aspects of investing in the yellow metal and what to consider when buying gold...