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Greek Debt Crisis

Five Ways to Profit from the Greek Debt Crisis

Greek Debt Crisis

Today we're setting you up with five spectacular ways to profit from the Greek Debt Crisis and any other sell-offs that just might come our way.

Because all the market swooning and soaring we've seen over the past couple of weeks are part of a long-term trend.

And we don't want anyone missing out on an opportunity to profit...

We Have Tsipras and Merkel to Thank for This Market-Crushing Profit Play


Greek banks were hanging onto a cliff's edge by their fingernails when Greek and European parliaments and finance ministers debated the future of Greece within Europe.

But less than a week after the referendum that said "???!" (No!) to more austerity, Prime Minister Tsipras had already betrayed that vote, proposing considerable cuts in exchange for yet another lifeline.

That is just where our can-kicking profit opportunity lies...

Recent Greek Bailout a Sign of Political Crisis and Syriza Failure

Greek bailout

It's hard to imagine a situation where this most recent 86 billion euro ($94.1 billion) Greek bailout will succeed where the first 110 billion euro ($120.4 billion) Greek bailout in 2010 failed.

Or where the second 130 billion euro ($142.2 billion) Greek bailout in 2012 also failed.

Here's what is going to happen with this recent round of funding, and what is to become of Greece...

What Would a Grexit Mean for Investors?

what would a grexit mean for investors

A new bailout bill has been negotiated for Greece and a "Grexit" has been averted.

For now.

So, what would a "Grexit" mean for investors? Here's how to prepare for what may very well be inevitable...

Why a Grexit Is Still Where the Greek Debt Crisis Is Headed

Greek debt

Stocks around the world were in the green Monday as Greece agreed to the latest bailout - its third - and the threat of an immediate default and "Grexit" from the Eurozone faded.

Or so goes the thinking.

But the problems at the root of the Greek debt crisis have in no way been "solved."

Here's why a Grexit is the only way out - and why EU leaders fear it so much...

What Will Happen to Greece Now After the New Greek Bailout?


Markets are breathing a sigh of relief now that Greece has negotiated a new bailout plan with its Eurozone creditors.

But, what will happen to Greece now? We've seen the results of years of austerity and it's not pretty.

And with this latest bailout round, is doesn't look like it's going to get any better...

Why This Week's Market Overreaction Won't Affect Energy Demand


Some days you just want to crawl back into bed and pull up the covers. Wednesday was certainly one of them.

Greece has until Sunday to be saved from financial oblivion, and the Chinese stock market looks like it has come unglued. On top of these crises, the New York Stock Exchange stopped trading for over three hours Wednesday because of a "technical" glitch.

But none of this will have any effect on energy demand. Here's why...

Inside the Greece Crisis: Can Greece Exit the Euro?

Greece Crisis

The Eurozone and the Greek people are wondering what happens if Greece exits the euro.

The conventional wisdom is that Greece would abandon the euro, adopt the drachma, and then work to devalue it to boost export competitiveness and grow the economy.

The reality is not so simple...

Protect Your Wealth from Greek Fears

greece crisis

The recent disquiet over Greece has been threatening the markets and dominating the headlines, but the best course of action for investors right now is to view it as more noise than signal.

The Greek situation has taken years to play out, and the levels of non-hedged global exposure to Greek debt have been drastically reduced since 2010. There has also been plenty of time to mitigate the risk of contagion that could result from a Greek default or even an exit from the euro.

Read more here...

What Happens If Greece Exits the Euro?

what happens if greece exits the euro merkel

The Eurozone and the Greek people are wondering what happens if Greece exits the euro.

The conventional wisdom is that Greece would abandon the euro, adopt the drachma, and then work to devalue it to boost export competitiveness and grow the economy.

The reality is not so simple...

Greek Vote Could Mean Short-Term Chaos

Greek vote

Yesterday Keith sat down on FOX News while the markets roiled and distilled a very simple message about what's going wrong in Greece.

It's not primarily a political problem; it's a mathematical one. And until Greece - and an alarming number of Western governments, including the U.S. - realize that, the chaos will only continue.

Watch Keith here as he offers a valuable breakdown of Greece's woes and calmly summarizes the problem, just as he does regularly here at Money Morning...

The Real Bitcoin Price-Greek Debt Crisis Connection

bitcoin price

Over the past week, the Bitcoin price has made is strongest move to the upside in three months - a move that took place just as the Greek debt crisis escalated.

But are these two events a true cause and effect?

Here's why the Greek debt crisis is behind the rise in the price of Bitcoin - but not in the way you might think...

Why Natural Gas Futures Today Rose to $2.83

natural gas features

Natural gas futures surged today following a new weather forecast showing hotter-than-normal temperatures over the short term.

It came on the hinges of last week's report that production hit 72 billion cubic feet a day.

But there's an ongoing financial meltdown that could keep the sector going strong...

Three Ways a Greek Debt Settlement Will Affect the Energy Sector

energy sector

There are now rising indications that the Greek government and its creditors are going to avert a full-blown financial meltdown...

And this means there are some positive developments coming for the energy sector.

Here's what needs to happen in Greece... and how it could affect an entire industry...

What Happens When Greece Defaults?

what happens when greece defaults

What happens when Greece defaults?

That's the question on the market's mind right now. It's no longer a question of "what happens if Greece defaults?"

Here's why the stakes are high, and why a default or "Grexit" is about more than just Greece...

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