Greek Debt Crisis

Why Natural Gas Futures Today Rose to $2.83

natural gas features

Natural gas futures surged today following a new weather forecast showing hotter-than-normal temperatures over the short term.

It came on the hinges of last week's report that production hit 72 billion cubic feet a day.

But there's an ongoing financial meltdown that could keep the sector going strong...

Three Ways a Greek Debt Settlement Will Affect the Energy Sector

energy sector

There are now rising indications that the Greek government and its creditors are going to avert a full-blown financial meltdown...

And this means there are some positive developments coming for the energy sector.

Here's what needs to happen in Greece... and how it could affect an entire industry...

What Happens When Greece Defaults?

what happens when greece defaults

What happens when Greece defaults?

That's the question on the market's mind right now. It's no longer a question of "what happens if Greece defaults?"

Here's why the stakes are high, and why a default or "Grexit" is about more than just Greece...

The Greek Opportunity That's Being Missed

debt crisis in Greece

As Greece approaches its next payment deadline, the rhetoric and the stakes are boiling over.

The IMF recently quit negotiations in Brussels, saying it had reached a stalemate.

Then Greek Prime Minister Tsipras said the IMF had "criminal responsibility" for his country's debt crisis.

With a looming deadline, now Russia has stepped to the fore, with overtures of financial aid.

It might be too late - but with a "Grexit" appearing closer than ever, the markets remain calm.

Here's why, and how to profit...

The Best Investments to Protect Your Assets in a Crisis

best investments

As the financial crisis in Greece intensifies, it serves as a reminder to investors everywhere of the importance of knowing the best investments for keeping your assets safe.

You never know when some sort of financial tragedy will strike, so it pays to be prepared.

Here's a look at several of the best investments for a crisis and the strengths of each...

What Greece "Grexit" Concerns Did to the Dow Jones Today (DJIA)

dow jones today

What happened to the Dow Jones today?

Get final numbers, stocks to watch, biggest news, and today's best profit plays.

Continue reading here...

The Tactics You'll Need to Profit from the Greek Debt Crisis

debt crisis in Greece

There's a lot being written about the Greek debt crisis. Mainstream media tells us it's scary and problematic and there's no way to profit from it.

And while we know that it's scary and problematic, we also know that there's money to be made amid the mess.

Here are the tactics you'll need to profit from the Greek debt crisis...

The True Story Behind the Greek Debt Crisis: Why Hasn’t Greece Defaulted on Its Debt Yet?

Greek Debt Crisis

For most of the Greek debt crisis the reality has been well-known. Even if it was only initially discussed among the staffers and in the back offices of the International Monetary Fund, a Greek default has always been inevitable.

So now that Greece is €328 billion in the hole – a 175% debt-to-GDP ratio – exactly why hasn’t Greece defaulted on its debt yet?

Here’s the real story behind the Greek debt crisis…

Financial News Today Ignores the Reality Facing Greece and the Eurozone

financial news today

The financial news today is abuzz with headlines about the Greek debt crisis.

The biggest development came with International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde being quoted as saying that "a Greek exit is a possibility," adding the IMF to the chorus of Greek creditors who have raising the stakes on a possible "Grexit."

But here's what's getting lost in that conversation...

Why a Greek Default Is a Global $360 Billion Problem That Affects Us All

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A Greek default is inevitable. Years of piling up bailout loans without a reprieve in the Greek debt crisis prove that.

But it's not just the 300 billion or so euros in Greek debt are the problem. It's the complicated spider web of cross-collateralizations and derivative trades tied to Greek debt that are the real terror.

Here's how a Greek default could be a much bigger problem than you're being lead to believe...

Broke Greece Is Sitting on an Actual Gold Mine – And Wants to Shut It Down

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The Greek debt crisis is bigger than the fate of a single gold mine, but this is a story about how political ideology often trumps common sense.

Greece should be doing everything it can to prop up its economy as it seeks to avoid a financial disaster.

But the leftist Syriza party, elected to power in January, has done everything it can to shut down a lucrative gold mine run by Canadian gold miner Eldorado Gold Corp. (NYSE: EGO).They say it's about protecting the environment.

But there's more to it than that - and it defies logic...

"Firewall" Your Profits from Greece's Fiscal Drama

Greek debt crisis

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has had a whirlwind schedule lately. On April 16 and 17 he attempted a last-ditch whirlwind "Washington Tour," meeting with U.S. President Obama, IMF boss Lagarde, ECB potentate Draghi, U.S. Treasury boss Lew, and even German Finance Minister Schäuble.

In search of sympathetic support, Varoufakis found little.

But the most intriguing meeting was with someone whose name most wouldn't recognize.

And the implications of that pow-wow could be the biggest clue of what's to come (including a "Grexit" or exit from the European monetary union), and how to prepare...

Get in on This Europe ETF Now to Beat Surging European Markets

how much does Greece owe

Investors shouldn't let fears over the Greek debt crisis scare them away from a promising Europe ETF play.

After all, the European markets don't seem too concerned. Just look at the events that unfolded this week.

That's why this Europe ETF play is a good way to jump in on the current investor indifference over Greece and a couple of other promising trends...

European Central Bank QE Is Masking Eurozone Struggles

European Central Bank QE

The European Central Bank quantitative easing regime is officially in full swing.

European Central Bank data released last Friday indicated as much. The sovereign bond-buying program began March 9. And in just two weeks, Eurozone central banks had already purchased 26.3 billion euros. This is all while economic indicators seem to point toward a recovery.

This market optimism is all unwarranted. Here's why the Eurozone is still in trouble, and why QE won't fix anything...

How Much Does Greece Owe? 4 Charts That Put Greek Debt in Perspective

how much does Greece owe

Greece is on track to run out of money in two weeks.

Unless officials can alter its current burn rate, the Mediterranean country will hit a cash wall on April 8, according to German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

Exactly how much does Greece owe?

The country is 323 billion euros in debt ($352.7 billion) - more than 175% of its GDP.

These four charts help to put that number into perspective...

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