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U.S. Dollar 'Extremely Overbought' Says Market Researcher

The euro, which made huge gains against the dollar in the wake of 2008's financial crisis, has come plummeting back to earth amid fears that the Greek credit crisis would spread and undermine the European Union (EU). The euro's decline has meant a sharp rebound for the dollar, which according to respected market researcher Bespoke Investment Group LLC, is now "extremely overbought."

The euro has plunged some 21% versus the dollar from its all-time high back in 2008, Bespoke says. And while it is still above its historical average of $1.183, it is currently less than 2% above its 2008 low.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Dollar Index has rallied over 14% since its short-term lows in November, and it is up 3.5% this week alone.

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Five Reasons to Put Your Money In China Now

China is the greatest growth zone in economic history. The third largest economy in the world, China is projected to pass Japan in the coming year and to surpass the U.S. economy as soon as 2020. So, when you're deciding how to allocate your investment portfolio, do you want to put your money in the U.S. - a country projected to grow by less than 3% in 2010 - or in a country that is expected to more than triple that? Here's why I'm putting my money in China.

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