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Hillary Clinton

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The Real Reason Comey Reopened the Clinton Email Investigation

Clinton Email Investigation

The Clinton email investigation was reopened just days before Election Day. The decision was criticized by many, especially Democrats.

But FBI Director James Comey made a highly calculated choice when he made the announcement on Oct. 28.

Here's why Comey did it...

Hillary Clinton Could Pardon Herself If She Wins the Presidency

Hillary Clinton could pardon herself

Hillary Clinton could pardon herself if elected president.

Certain events would have to play out "just so" for that to happen - but they're already starting to...

Why Clinton's Fundraising Beats Trump's – Even in Republican-Dominated Industries

Hillary Clinton donors

Clinton's fundraising far outpaces Trump's with industries that typically back Republican candidates, like finance and energy.

It turns out there are several reasons behind the odd disparity...

Will Hillary Clinton Drop Out of the Presidential Race?

Will Hillary Clinton drop out of the presidential race?

After her health scare yesterday, many pundits and media outlets are weighing that very real possibility...

25 Questions Hillary Clinton Must Answer Before Election Day

Hillary Clinton

For the most part, Hillary Clinton has managed to dodge questions about how and why she used a private email server while she served as secretary of state.

But now a federal judge says she has only until the end of September to answer 25 pointed questions under oath about her long-running email scandal. The questions stem from a lawsuit by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Here's the complete list of questions the group has posed to Hillary Clinton...

Deaths Associated with the Clintons Keep Stacking Up…

the Clintons

Deaths associated with the Clintons keep rising...

On Aug. 1, Victor Thorn, a prolific writer and Clinton researcher, died at his home from an apparent suicide.

Thorn's death is added to a list of over 40 other people who knew the Clintons intimately.

And this fact has conspiracy theorists up in arms...

If You Want Investing Advice, Don't Ask Chelsea Clinton's Husband

Chelsea Clintons husband

If Hillary Clinton is elected, hopefully she won't hire Chelsea Clinton's husband to be on her economic team...

After working for Goldman Sachs, Marc Mezvinsky opened his own hedge fund in 2011 called Eaglevale Partners.

He decided it would be a good idea to invest in the Greek economy in 2014, reportedly raising $25 million to buy Greek bonds and debt. But by 2016, his division was forced to close down, and 90% of the money was lost...

How a Hillary Clinton Presidency Throws U.S. Workers to the Wolves

Hillary Clinton

U.S. workers beware: a Hillary Clinton presidency could mean a flip-flop on this super "hot button" issue this November that will potentially lose millions of American jobs...

Read more....

How Hillary Clinton Benefits from Mike Pence as Trump VP

Mike Pence VP

Hillary Clinton has almost as many similarities with Trump's VP pick as Trump himself.

And that's a fact that Clinton could easily use in her favor.

Here's how...

Hillary Clinton Profiting Off GOP Calls for Her Incarceration – Here's How

Hillary Clinton state department audit

Calls for Hillary Clinton's incarceration erupted at the GOP convention Monday night.

The former first lady's response to them wasn't exactly a classy one...

Hillary Clinton Has a "University Problem" of Her Own That Nobody's Talking About

Hillary Clinton

While Hillary Clinton has been quick to criticize Trump University, she has her own skeleton in the for-profit college closet.

You see, for five years Bill Clinton had a well-paying association with Laureate Education -the biggest for-profit college in the world.

Now Hillary Clinton is promising to "crack down" on for-profit colleges, but she had little to say while her husband raked in millions in payments from Laureate.

The deeper you dig into the this, the worse it looks...

Hillary Clinton Student Loan Plan Could Cost Uncle Sam $1 Billion

The "Hillary Clinton Student Loan Plan" will be announced today.

While it has a lot of perks, the proposal will also likely cost Uncle Sam $1 billion...

After Hillary Clinton Interview, FBI Director Comey to Make a Statement Today

Hillary Clinton

Following Saturday's three-hour interview with Hillary Clinton, FBI Director James Comey will be making a special announcement this morning.

Will the FBI finally indict Hillary Clinton? Here's what we know...

10 Shocking Predictions: What Will Happen to U.S. Under a President Hillary Clinton

President Hillary Clinton

A "President Hillary Clinton" would mean a raid on the National Rifle Association, among other frightening scenarios.

At least according to one FOX News host...

Hillary Clinton Leaked Documents Reveal Diva Demands

Hillary Clinton leaked documents

Yesterday, a trove of leaked documents on Hillary Clinton's expense demands was made public via The Smoking Gun.

The dossiers revealed the former secretary of state was quite the diva when it came to speaking engagements...