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    China’s middle class

    Global investors are concerned about the undeniable slowdown in the Chinese economy, but that obsessive focus on bottom-line economic growth means that people are missing out.

    You see, there are immense shifts underway in China right now. The economy is maturing, and a recognizable middle class - already larger than the United States' at 109 million people - is coming into existence... in a country where a middle class was once unthinkable and indeed prohibited.

    This means the country's economy is transforming into a consumer-driven one, much like the United States'.

    Companies the world over, like Apple Inc., Toyota Motor Corp., and Koninklijke Phillips NV, are already making a killing in China, supplying the Chinese middle class' every material desire.

    But those firms that can provide for this group's basic needs effectively have a license to print money now.

    That's where the company I'm about to show you comes in; no human can live without it for very long.

    This company has a virtual lock on one of the fastest-growing segments in China, but you can easily buy its shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

    And even better, those shares are on sale right now...

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