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How to Profit Now from This Autumn Correction

Despite the two nice rally days to bring October to a close, October was a brutal month for investors. For the month, the S&P 500 lost 6.9%, and the VIX - the CBOE volatility index - is up more than 72% since Oct. 1.

The tech-heavy Nasdaq shed 9.2% last month as some of the favorite momentum winners got crushed.

But that doesn't mean there isn't money to be made. Here's how to profit now with the market in correction mode...

How to Profit in a "Roller-Coaster" Market

Dow Jones Industrial Average

If you're worried about the market crashing, you're definitely not alone.

On the other hand, if you're worried about the market making new highs while you're on the sidelines... Well, you're not alone, either.

These concerns are well-founded; the markets really are at a precarious juncture. They could go either way.

But that doesn't mean you can't make money if they do something you don't expect.

Here's the thing: As volatile as global markets are right now, you can still get into position to make yourself a lot of money no matter which way these dicey markets go.

So let me show you just what to look (and listen) for...

The Subprime Auto Loan Market Is About to Collapse - Here's How to Profit

loan market

With more than $1 trillion in loans outstanding, the auto loan market is booming. Experian estimates that subprime loans represent $205 billion and $388 billion of that total.

We've been here before, and when this bubble bursts, it'll be messy. But there's a way to profit off this impending collapse - here's what you need to know...

How to Profit from the "Great Oil Turnaround" of 2016


We've been able to make energy profits during the oil bear because I'm tracking opportunities outside of petroleum. One of my favorite alternative "oil-killer" energy plays, for instance, is up 45% since I recommended it. The global energy balance is simply shifting to favor these alternative energy sources.

But oil is still vitally important, and I'm pleased to report that it's going to be a bigger source of profits moving forward...

You see, towards the end of February, we saw signs that oil is about to turn the corner, with oil prices shooting up 8.5% in a single week.

While they later fell a bit, showing that volatility is still the name of the game, make no mistake...

A sustained rise in oil prices is coming.

To prepare for this trend, I've put together a plan for us to profit.

I'm tracking several companies across four different categories, but this one strategy will get you perfectly positioned to capture the biggest possible profits from the coming end of oil's decline.

In a moment, you'll see exactly how this plan will work.

But first, here's what's changed to allow for this turnaround in oil prices...

This Investing Strategy Could Turn a 5% Loss Today into a 2,426% Profit Later

investing strategy

Convinced that the bull market is over, many investors are selling out and heading for the sidelines using even the slightest market drop as justification for their actions.

I can't think of a worse mistake. No investor need fear a bear market - there are all kinds of ways to run flat or down markets to your advantage if you are properly prepared.

I want to show you how to buy more stock without spending more money.

This simple, easy-to-use investing strategy is ideally suited for today's markets and, best of all, could lead to profits of 2,426% or more. Here's how...

The Easiest Way to Profit in the Worst Market in Eight Years

easiest way to proift

It's tough to be an investor today. This is perhaps the most challenging market since the meltdown in 2008.

The sobering headlines, full of dire predictions and uncertainty about the commodities collapse and the "slowdown" in China, certainly aren't helping.

At the same time, investors need to be in the market to have any hope of growing their wealth.

But here's the thing... No one needs to consign themselves to unnecessary risk and subpar returns.

To learn about how best to stay invested and in the black, I sat down to talk with D.R. Barton, Jr., author of the upcoming book "The Ten Minute Millionaire" and editor of the Stealth Profits Trader research and advisory service.

He told me the specific stocks to look at right now, and just as important, how to buy them. D.R. normally shares these stocks and strategies with his paid-up subscribers, but the market is so dicey right now that we feel everyone would benefit from this.

Here's what he had to say...

How to Profit from Washington's Election-Year Oil Deal

crude oil prices

It's very rare that D.C. policy decisions benefit both the oil and renewable energy sectors - traditionally, a benefit to one sector means a net harm for the other. That's because they're thought of as competitors for the same energy dollar.

But this deal is different: moves to shore up oil's decline have been the primary catalyst in a nice run up for renewables.

And after I show you why this policy is such a bullish development, I'm going to show you how to make some good money on it...

Play These 3 Companies to Get the Biggest Profits from CES 2016

consumer electronics show

One of the first important investing events of the year is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which kicked off yesterday in Las Vegas.

CES is a dream world for tech fanatics. For investors and traders, it's a quick way to find growth in public companies.

So here are my top three picks to bet on from this year's CES, and the best way to maximize profits on each trade...

How to Profit from the Paris Talks - No Matter What Politicians Say About Climate Change

how to double your money

More than 30,000 diplomats have converged on Paris, France, for what is being called "one of the most important international conferences in history."

"Tackling climate change is a shared mission for mankind," said Chinese President Xi Jinping, the head of the world's largest carbon emitter. "All eyes are now on Paris."

"If we act here, if we act now," President Obama added, "if we place our short-term interests behind the air our young people will breathe... then we won't be too late for them."

"Here in Paris," French President Hollande declared, "we will decide on the very future of the planet."

Perhaps I'm too skeptical for my own good, but that's very similar to what world leaders said in 1997 just before the Kyoto Accords. And those have proven to be little more than lip service.

Even if 100% of the Kyoto requirements are followed by 100% of the 192 countries that signed them, they will deliver less than 0.02° Celsius in cooling by 2050 despite costing hundreds of billions of dollars.

Is that worth it?

I have no idea - I'm not a scientific expert.

But I do know beyond any shadow of a doubt that trillions of dollars are going to get set in motion no matter what happens in La Ville Lumière.

Here's what that means for your money and how you can cash in...

How to Profit from This Holiday Trading Pattern

how to profit

Like tens of millions of Americans, I was shopping this weekend - out there in "brick and mortar" stores, no less. You know - the same retailers that are said to be heading the way of the dinosaur while they drag down the wider stock market at this time of year.

Well, while I did see a genius driving with one hand on the wheel and another desperately clutching the new 65" flat-screen television he was holding to the roof of his car, I didn't see much to convince me that real-world stores were going to mount much of a comeback challenge to the increasing dominance of online "e-tailers."

But... my trip did bring to light a significant disconnect between Wall Street's perception of retail and what actually happens in the real world.

That's not going to help J.C. Penney or Wal-Mart, but that gulf is something we can use to make some seasonal spending money - if we get started today. Here's what I mean...